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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 28, No. 18 5/3/2021

Biden Goes All in On Calls for Extreme Gun Control
Biden Goes All in On Calls for Extreme Gun Control
President Biden dropped any pretense at “moderation” in his first address to a joint session of Congress since assuming the presidency.
Assault on Firearms Industry Continues
Assault on Firearms Industry Continues
Joe Biden mentioned a number of the anti-gun goals...
A Civilized Society
A Civilized Society
Bloomberg columnist Sir Max Hastings shares his thoughts on guns, crime, and the differences between his native Britain and the United States in “I Grew Up on Guns. Now I’ve Learned to Love Firearm Control.”
The Games Gun Controllers Play
The Games Gun Controllers Play
An ABC News/ Washington Post survey released on April 28th has several interesting findings, but the takeaways aren’t limited to specific datapoints. The survey, the results, and the media coverage demonstrate that so-called “gun violence” prevention is “just” – spoiler alert – gun control and that the duplicitous efforts to advance gun control efforts have not worked. 


Alabama Alabama
Alabama: Permitless Carry Passes Committee
Arizona Arizona
Arizona: House Passes Frivolous Lawsuit Prevention
California California
California: More Anti-Gun Bill Committee Hearings Coming Up
Delaware Delaware
Delaware: Committee Passes Mag Ban
Florida Florida
Florida Alert! Firearms Preemption Enforcement Bill Has Passed! Now Governor Must Sign
Florida Alert! Church Carry has Passed! Now Governor Must Sign
Illinois Illinois
Illinois: Anti-Gun Bills Re-Referred to Rules Committee
Kansas Kansas
Kansas Veto Session Starts Next Week
Louisiana Louisiana
Louisiana: Multiple Pro-Gun Measures Advance in the Legislature
Maine Maine
Maine: Committee to Vote on Stand Your Ground
Montana Montana
Montana: Two Pro-Gun Measures Head to the Desk of Governor Gianforte
Oregon Oregon
Oregon: House Rules Committee Rushes to Advance Anti-Gun Legislation
South Carolina South Carolina
South Carolina: Open Carry Advances to Senate Floor
Texas Texas
Texas: NRA-Backed HB 1927, Permitless Carry Legislation, Will Be Heard in Senate Committee This Thursday!
Washington Washington
Washington: Anti-Self-Defense Legislation Sent to Governor’s Desk

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