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Time is Running Out for Two Pro-Gun, Pro-Hunting Bills in Nevada!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Call Your Lawmakers Today!

Two important pro-gun, pro-hunting measures are currently awaiting action in the Nevada legislature.

Assembly Bill 288, Nevada’s “Castle Doctrine” self-defense bill, is awaiting action by the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  It is being held up at the request of Chairman Bernie Anderson (D-31) who has made it clear he does not support key provisions of the bill. 

It is vital that NRA members ratchet up the pressure on the committee members, as well as Speaker Barbara Buckley (D-8) and Majority Leader John Oceguera (D-16), since they have the authority to override the Chair's objections to move the bill for a hearing.  Please be polite, but stress that by not scheduling a hearing for this important self-defense measure is counter to the wishes of NRA members in the state of Nevada.  Time is of the essence as the deadline for committee hearings is Friday, April 10.

Introduced by Assemblyman Harry Mortenson (D-42), AB288 would permit a person who is behaving lawfully to use deadly force in self-defense against someone who is attempting to commit a felony and who is unlawfully, forcefully, and without provocation intruding onto property where the defender has a right to be.  The defender would not have to retreat and would be protected from civil liability.  

Assembly Bill 246, sponsored by Assemblyman David Bobzien (D-24), is slated to be considered by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee on Wednesday, April 8.  It is imperative that you contact the members of the committee and respectfully voice your support for this legislation.  Ask that the committee send the bill to the full Assembly for a vote before the Friday, April 10 crossover deadline.

AB246 would establish an apprentice hunting license that allows prospective hunters 12 years old and older to try their hand at hunting before completing a hunter education course.  Apprentice hunters would be required to be directly supervised in the field by a mentor who is at least 18 years old and who holds a valid Nevada hunting license.  Experience in more than two dozen other states shows that this apprentice hunting program is exceptionally safe and will bring many new hunters into the field. 

Hunter recruitment is critical to the long-term preservation of our hunting heritage.  Hunter numbers are declining and radical anti-hunting organizations like the Humane Society of the United States are doing everything they can to keep people from hunting.  Nevada currently ranks 49th among the states in hunter recruitment.  For every 100 Nevada hunters who permanently quit hunting, only 30 new hunters replace them.  This slide must be reversed, and AB246 will help in this effort. 

Research shows that overly burdensome regulations deter citizens from trying hunting for the first time.  This includes the current requirement that virtually all prospective hunters complete hunter education.  An apprentice hunting program allows people a “try it before they buy it” opportunity.  Ultimately, many will want to complete a hunter education course in order to hunt on their own and pursue game that requires special tags.  In the end, more citizens will complete hunter education and join the hunter ranks as a result.

Please contact Speaker Buckley, Majority Leader Oceguera, and the members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee TODAY to voice your support for AB288 and to ask that the bill be scheduled for a hearing before Friday’s deadline. 

Speaker Buckley can be reached by phone at (775) 684-8537 or email bbuckley@asm.state.nv.us.  Majority Leader Oceguera can be contacted by phone at (775) 684-8595 or by emailing joceguera@asm.state.nv.us. 

Also, please contact the members of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee TODAY and respectfully urge them to vote for AB246  so it may move forward to receive a full Assembly vote. 

Contact information for the committees can be found below.


Assemblymember Bernie Anderson (D-31), Chair
(775) 684-8563

Assemblymember Tick Segerblom (D-9), Vice Chair
(775) 684-8549

Assemblymember Marilyn Dondero Loop (D-5)
(775) 684-8833

Assemblymember William Horne (D-34)
775) 684-8847

Assemblymember Ruben Kihuen (D-11)
(775) 684-8553

Assemblymember Mark Manendo (D-18)
(775) 684-8801

Assemblymember Harry Mortenson (D-42)
(775) 684-8803

Assemblymember James Ohrenschall (D-12)
(775) 684-8819

Assemblymember Bonnie Parnell (D-40)
(775) 684-8825

Assemblymember John Carpenter (R-33)
(775) 684-8831

Assemblymember Ty Cobb (R-26)
(775) 684-8848

Assemblymember Don Gustavson (R-32)
(775) 684-8851

Assemblymember John Hambrick (R-2)
(775) 684-8827

Assemblymember Richard McArthur (R-4)
(775) 684-8829


Assemblymember Jerry Claborn (D-19), Chair       
(775) 684-8569              

Assemblymember Joseph Hogan (D-10), Vice Chair   
(775) 684-8541              

Assemblymember Paul Aizley (D-41)                     
(775) 684-8821               

Assemblymember Harvey Munford (D-6)              
(775) 684-8545              

Assemblymember James Ohrenschall (D-12)         
(775) 684-8819             

Assemblymember Tick Segerblom (D-9)              
(775) 684-8549             

Assemblymember John Carpenter (R-33)              
(775) 684-8831             

Assemblymember Pete Goicoechea (R-35)            
(775) 684-8573             

Assemblymember Tom Grady (R-38)                     
(775) 684-8507             

Assemblymember Don Gustavson (R-32)              
(775) 684-8851             

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