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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 23, No. 16 4/22/2016

Clinton Panders to Party’s Base, Praises Connecticut Gun Ban as a National Model
Clinton Panders to Party’s Base, Praises Connecticut Gun Ban as a National Model
Hillary Clinton – growing increasingly frayed over the stubborn persistence of her opponent in the Democratic Party primary – took to Connecticut this week to push her gun control message to what she hoped would be willing ears. No surprise, she combined her dual instincts for bad policy and pandering by embracing a 140-page gun control law the state passed in 2013 as a model for national legislation. Her comments echoed those of Barack Obama, who at the time also pushed for similar federal action, claiming, "Connecticut has shown the way . . ."
Rep. Tom Emmer Introduces Firearm Due Process Protection Act
Rep. Tom Emmer Introduces Firearm Due Process Protection Act
On Tuesday, Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) introduced H.R. 4980, the Firearm Due Process Protection Act. This legislation is meant to ensure that eligible firearms purchasers are not arbitrarily denied their right to obtain firearms. The Act would afford those who are denied a firearm purchase by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) an effective and expeditious means of correcting any misinformation that would erroneously cause such a result.
Hillary Blames Guns, Not Criminals
Hillary Blames Guns, Not Criminals
Despite a litany of rebukes from news outlets and organizations that normally provide her with a steady stream of fawning coverage, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refuses to abandon her misleading statements blaming Vermont’s gun laws for New York’s crime problems. Moreover, her continued defense of the deceptive talking point has provided a disturbing glimpse into the depths of her distorted views on firearms.
Professor: "How can I say I don't want to support students who are gun enthusiasts…"
More evidence that America’s institutions of higher education have given up any pretense of providing a bastion for the free exchange of ideas came this week in the form of a commentary published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The piece, authored by an anonymous college professor, explains the author’s reluctance to write a recommendation for a former student after promising to do so. The student’s sin? She exercises her Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
New York City: One Law for the Rich, Another for the Average
New York City: One Law for the Rich, Another for the Average
Somewhere, Big Tim Sullivan might be laughing. Over 100 years after the enactment of New York City’s handgun licensing law (commonly referred to as the Sullivan Act), the measure is still working as the political boss intended. That is to say, it is ensuring that New Yorkers who are well-connected, either by status or more nefarious channels, are able to arm themselves with handguns, while average residents remain at the mercy of the criminal element.
Get Your Tickets to the 2016 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum!
Get Your Tickets to the 2016 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum!
Make sure you get your tickets to this year's NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday, May 20, 2016 at the NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky! Featuring our nation's top Second Amendment leaders, this forum is a must-stop for candidates seeking the highest levels of elected office— governor, congressman, senator or president of the United States. With some of America’s biggest names and best political minds on tap, it’s no wonder this has become a can’t-miss favorite for NRA members. Tickets to this event sell out fast, so you'll want to ensure that you secure your seat for an unforgettable series of motivational and inspirational speeches.
Hypocrisy on Firearms Enforcement? Congressman Beyer, Heal Thyself!
Hypocrisy on Firearms Enforcement? Congressman Beyer, Heal Thyself!
On April 11, U.S. Rep. Donald S. Beyer, Jr. (D-VA) rolled out his so-called ATF Enforcement Act, H.R. 4905 in an opinion piece in the Washington Post.  Beyer claimed hypocrisy on the part of NRA and other pro-gun advocates who claim existing laws are not being adequately enforced. “We should call their bluff,” he wrote. Those are big words coming from the author of a bill he claims would “remove obstacles in [ATF’s] path, while also removing provisions in the law that keep ATF from being abolished.” Either Beyer has not read his own legislation, or his version of “protect[ing] communities from violent criminals” includes registering law-abiding gun purchasers in a national database and other practices Congress has long repudiated because they diverted resources away from serious crime control.
Make Plans to Attend the Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference in Louisville!
Make Plans to Attend the Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference in Louisville!
The NRA-ILA Grassroots Division will be hosting the Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference during NRA’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Louisville, Kentucky! NRA-ILA's Annual Youth Leadership Conference is designed for current college students and recent graduates who are looking to take an active role on their campus and in their community to defend and promote the Second Amendment.
Attend Firearms Law Seminar in Louisville
Attend Firearms Law Seminar in Louisville
The Annual National Firearms Law Seminar will be held on Friday, May 20, 2016 as part of the NRA Annual Meetings. The gold standard in firearms law classes, this day-long seminar provides legal instruction for attorneys and all others interested in Second Amendment law. CLE credit for all states is available.   


Alabama Alabama
Alabama: Senate Unanimously Approves SB 304
Alaska Alaska
Alaska: Contact House Committee in Support of Self-Defense Legislation
Arizona Arizona
Arizona: Maricopa City Council Passes Ordinance!
California California
California: Deceit taking place by Newsom’s Signature Gatherers for his Ballot Proposition
Colorado Colorado
Colorado: Ivory and Animal products Ban Legislation Passes House
Delaware Delaware
Delaware: Firearm Purchase Delay Legislation Introduced in House
Florida Florida
Florida Alert: End of Session - Read This To Get The Truth!
Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bills Moving Through Conference Committee Process
Louisiana Louisiana
Louisiana: House Committee to Consider More Anti-Gun Bills & One Expansion of Self-Defense Rights
Massachusetts Massachusetts
Longmeadow’s Anti-Gun Proposals Could Come to Your Town!
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Hampshire: Senate to Vote on Constitutional/Permitless Carry Legislation
North Carolina North Carolina
North Carolina: Kure Beach Town Council Takes No Action on Second Amendment Item
Ohio Ohio
Ohio: Military Carry Permit Reform Bill Moves to Senate Floor
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oklahoma: Self-Defense Legislation Passes Senate
South Carolina South Carolina
South Carolina: Gun Bills Continue to Move Through the Legislature
Tennessee Tennessee
Tennessee: Faculty and Staff Campus Carry Bill Passes Senate and House!
Tennessee: Pro-Gun Legislation Becomes Law
Utah Utah
Utah: BLM Proposes to Close Thousands of Acres in Utah County to Target Shooting
West Virginia West Virginia
West Virginia: What You Need To Know About Permitless Carry in West Virginia

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