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Connecticut: Microstamping and Ammunition Serialization (Registration) Bills to be Heard in Committee Next Week!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Please Contact the Joint Judiciary Committee Today!

The anti-gun push is on in Hartford. This week, two proposals very dangerous to gun owners were "raised" and have now placed on the Joint Judiciary Committee’s schedule to be heard on Monday, March 17 at 12:00 p.m.

Raised Bill No. 603 would require all ammunition sold in Connecticut to be coded with an individual serial number (ammunition serialization) and entered into a statewide database at the time of sale.  Encoded ammunition would be registered to the purchaser and would include the date of transaction, the purchaser’s name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and the serial number of the ammunition. All unserialized ammunition would have to be forfeited.  Not only would this measure cause enormous increases in the cost of ammunition, but it could lead to the establishment of a database of ammunition consumers and ultimately the cessation of the sale of ammunition in Connecticut. 

If that weren't enough, this legislation actually exposes gun owners to risk of criminal prosecution without them even knowing it! There is no way for the ammunition consumer to be assured that the serial number imprinted on the box matches the serial number on the rounds inside.  Even if the industry can or will produce this ammunition exclusively for Connecticut, the consumers will be required to register ammunition purchases and then blindly trust that the number etched on the "base of the bullet projectile" is accurately represented on the box in which it is sold.  Since the "base of the bullet projectile" is necessarily obscured by the cartridge case, it is impossible for the consumer to know if he or she has accurately "registered" their purchase.  

Raised Bill No. 607 would seek to ban the sale of semi-automatic handguns not equipped with so-called "microstamping" technology.  Microstamping is a failed technology that would require identifying marks to be etched into the firing pin and breech face of a firearm.  The technology can easily be defeated with common household tools, has no public safety value, and adds substantially to the cost of the firearm. 

Raised Bill No. 607 doesn’t stop there!  It would also outlaw the private sale or transfer of long guns.

Please contact the individual members of the Joint Judiciary Committee TODAY and respectfully urge them to oppose Raised Bill No. 603 and Raised Bill No. 607!  The committee members can be contacted by phone at (860) 240-0100.  Finally, please share this alert with your family, friends, and fellow gun owners and encourage them to do the same.

State Senator Andrew McDonald (D-27) – Co-Chair

State Representative Michael Lawlor (D-99) – Co-Chair


State Senator Mary Ann Handley (D-4) - Vice-Chair



State Representative Gerald Fox (D-146) – Vice-Chair



State Senator John Kissel, (R-7) – Ranking Member



State Representative Arthur O'Neill (R-69) – Ranking Member



State Representative Al Adinolfi (R-103)



State Representative William Aman (R-14)



State Representative Ryan Barry (D-12)



State Representative Jeffrey Berger (D-73)



State Representative Beth Bye (D-19)



State Senator Sam Caligiuri (R-16)



State Senator Eric Coleman (D-2)



State Representative Patricia Dillon (D-92)



State Representative Mary Fritz (D-90)



State Representative John Geragosian (D-25)



State Representative Janice Giegler (R-138)



State Representative Bob Godfrey (D-110)



State Senator Edwin Gomes (D-23)



State Representative Minnie Gonzalez (D-3)



State Representative Kenneth Green (D-1)



State Representative Gail Hamm (D-34)



State Representative William Hamzy (R-78)



State Representative Ernest Hewett (D-39)



State Representative Debra Lee Hovey (R-112)



State Representative Bryan Hurlburt (D-53)



State Representative Themis Klarides (R-114)



State Representative David Labriola (R-131)



State Representative Faith McMahon (D-15)



State Senator Edward Meyer (D-12)



State Representative Bruce Morris (D-140)



State Representative Tim O’Brien (D-24)



State Representative Melissa Olson (D-46)



State Representative Claudia Powers (R-151)



State Senator Andrew Roraback (R-30)



State Representative T.R. Rowe (R-123)



State Representative Joseph Serra (D-33)



State Representative James Spallone (D-36)



State Representative Christopher Stone (D-9)



State Representative Joseph Taborsak (D-109)



State Representative William Tong (D-147)



State Representative Toni Walker (D-93)



State Representative Elissa Wright (D-41)

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