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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 29, No. 8 2/28/2022

Isolated and Under Attack, Ukrainians Take Up Arms to Defend Their Homeland
Isolated and Under Attack, Ukrainians Take Up Arms to Defend Their Homeland
Last month we reported on ordinary Ukrainians taking up arms to defend their country and communities against a possible Russian invasion. 
The Kids Aren’t Alright…With Biden
The Kids Aren’t Alright…With Biden
Virtually every public opinion poll these days seems to deliver bad news for Joe Biden. One recent poll put his general approval at only 43%, but even more troubling for the current White House occupant was that only 28% of the respondents in that poll want him to run for reelection in 2024.
D.C. Discovers Truth About Violent Crime
D.C. Discovers Truth About Violent Crime
Despite their best efforts, Washington, D.C.’s local government has stumbled onto some important facts about violent crime. A December 2021 study conducted in concert with the federal enclave’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and the Metropolitan Police Department, the findings of which are published in a document titled “Gun Violence Problem Analysis Summary Report,” found that much of D.C.’s violent crime is perpetrated by a small portion of the population that is already known to law enforcement.


Alabama Alabama
Alabama: House Passes Constitutional Carry
Arizona Arizona
Arizona: House to Reconsider Self-Defense for Young Adults
Arizona: House Passes Pro-Gun Bills
Colorado Colorado
Colorado: Hunter Education Legislation Scheduled for Committee Hearing Tomorrow
Georgia Georgia
Georgia: Self-Defense Bills Progressing In Both Chambers
Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii: Committee Hearing Self-Defense Bill
Indiana Indiana
Indiana: Constitutional Carry Still Alive in Senate
Kansas Kansas
Kansas: Committee Could Soon Vote on Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination Act
Missouri Missouri
Missouri: House Committee Hearing Pro-Gun Bills
Missouri: Public Transit Self-Defense Eligible for House Floor
South Dakota South Dakota
South Dakota: Pro-Gun Clarification Legislation Scheduled for Floor Vote Tomorrow
South Dakota: Multiple Pro-Gun Measures Advance Through House and Senate
Tennessee Tennessee
Tennessee: Your Action Needed - Big Week Ahead for Gun Bills in the Volunteer State
Utah Utah
Utah: Enhanced Preemption Legislation Headed to the Governor
Vermont Vermont
Vermont: Gov. Scott Vetoes Anti-Gun Bill
Virginia Virginia
Virginia: Senate Committee Hearing Pro-Gun House Bills
Washington Washington
Washington: Anti-Gun Legislators Push 10 Round Magazine Ban Legislation Through Committee
Washington: House Anti-Gun Bills on the Move in the Senate
West Virginia West Virginia
West Virginia: House Concurs On Keep, Bear and Drive with Arms Act
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Wisconsin: Assembly Passes Frivolous Lawsuit Prevention Bill

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