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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 29, No. 5 2/7/2022

Growing ATF Database Prompts Fears of Gun Registry
Growing ATF Database Prompts Fears of Gun Registry
Gun owners were understandably concerned to learn this week that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives maintains a database that contains nearly one billion firearm transaction records. ATF’s disclosure was the result of a records request by Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas 27th), which was prompted by an earlier report from the Washington Free Beacon that 54 million records were added to the agency’s database in 2021. While the database exists as a function of long-standing ATF practice and federal law, the records represent a real threat to gun owners and should further motivate gun rights supporters to guard against further government involvement in firearm transactions.
Armed Citizens Prepare to Defend Their Homeland in Ukraine
Armed Citizens Prepare to Defend Their Homeland in Ukraine
Anti-gun commentators – Joe Biden among them – often mock the idea that an armed populace poses any obstacle to a modern military force.
Biden Supports “Curtailing Rights”
Biden Supports “Curtailing Rights”
It has been painfully clear for some time that Joe Biden will do anything he can to achieve his goal of diminishing the rights of law-abiding gun owners. He has a long history of supporting legislative efforts to eviscerate the Second Amendment while he was in Congress for more than a third-of-a-century, was Barack Obama’s consigliere on gun control when he served as vice president, and has continued to promote anti-gun legislation as president.
Several States Join Mexico in Attack on Lawful Industry
Several States Join Mexico in Attack on Lawful Industry
Mexico has long had the unfortunate reputation of being a violent country where drug cartels operate with seeming impunity. The country’s homicide rate has reached stratospheric levels, and shows little evidence of slowing down. In 1990, murders in Mexico occurred at a rate of roughly 17 per 100K of the population. An unsettling number, to be sure. But by 2020, that rate had shockingly skyrocketed to nearly 30 per 100K.


Alabama Alabama
Alabama: Senate Committee Advances Constitutional Carry
Alabama: FINAL Version of Constitutional Carry Filed, Gathers Leadership Sponsors
Arizona Arizona
Arizona: Pro-Gun Bills Receiving Committee Hearings
Arizona: Multiple Pro-Gun Measures Advancing in the Grand Canyon State
California California
California: Mandatory Gun Ownership Disclosure Bill Filed
California: Assembly Passes “Precursor Parts” Restriction, Excise Tax Legislation Fails Deadlines
California: Feb. 8 is Final Vote for San Jose Gun Tax & Insurance Requirement
Georgia Georgia
Georgia: Pro-Gun Bills Making Big Steps in the Legislature
Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii: Senate Committee Hearing Pistol Permitting & Registration Bill
Indiana Indiana
Indiana: Constitutional Carry Assigned to Senate Judiciary Committee
Maryland Maryland
Maryland: Queen Anne's Co. Proposing to Restrict Shooting Ranges
Missouri Missouri
Missouri: Your Comments Needed to Enhance Right to Self Defense
Utah Utah
Utah: Senate Passes Enhanced Firearm Preemption Legislation
Virginia Virginia
Virginia: House Subcommittee Scheduled to Consider Multiple Gun Bills Tomorrow
Virginia: House Passes Bill to Restore Lawful Carry
West Virginia West Virginia
West Virginia: House Passes Keep, Bear, and Drive with Arms Act

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