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New Hampshire Winnows the Anti-Gun Field

Monday, February 17, 2020

New Hampshire Winnows the Anti-Gun Field

As is the case every four years, Iowa and New Hampshire voters use their first in the nation caucuses and primary to show would be presidential aspirants who might, and who won’t, be on the ballot in November.

After the debacle that occurred in Iowa, with the results still not certain and questions remaining about who really won, New Hampshire voters made a big statement about which of the many anti-gun Democrat candidates have significant support and which don’t.

There was also a significant statement made about the Support President Donald Trump has to be reelected on November 3rd

On the Democrat side, there were three clear “winners.” Self-described socialist Bernie Sanders came in first with just under 26% of the vote, while South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg garnered just over 24%. In a surprise showing, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar received just under 20%. 

After that, everyone else essentially lost. Two candidates got the message fast, as Colorado Senator Michael Bennet and Businessman Andrew Yang both dropped out after poor showings.  The big question now hovers over two candidates who were once thought as frontrunners, Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden. Both of these candidates performed very poorly, coming in fourth and fifth respectively and receiving less than 10% of the vote each. 

Political pundits are declaring that both candidates are done, even if they don’t recognize it yet.  In the end, political ego and how much money each can raise will determine how long they hold on to see if they can right their struggling campaigns.

So, what does this mean for gun owners? It means that we are just that much closer to knowing which anti-gun candidate will face off against President Trump this November. 

Sanders is being christened the front-runner, with Buttigieg gaining among the Democrat power players (read Washington D.C. Swamp denizens). Klobuchar will likely try to capitalize on the momentum from New Hampshire as she attempts to frame herself as the most “reasonable” candidate.

And then there is Michael Bloomberg. He missed the early races due to his late entry in the race, and is hoping that Super Thursday, March 3rd, will give him a boost. Time will tell, but with billions of dollars to spend, he cannot be counted out. 

But one thing is certain, all of these Democrat candidates are radically anti-gun and if elected pose an incredible threat to our right to keep and bear arms.

One very good sign did come out of the New Hampshire vote: President Trump had a very good night only a day after a campaign event where he once again pledged to protect and defend the right to keep and bear arms.

In spite of the fact that he had no real opposition, Trump received over 121 thousand votes, far more than any other candidate from either party and more than doubling what Barack Obama received in 2012 (49,080) in his reelection race.  That showing by Trump indicates real voter enthusiasm.

That enthusiasm will be needed from now until Election Day as our freedoms are under serious threat from the radical anti-gunners who are running to defeat President Trump.

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