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California: Legislative Update and Hearings Next Week

Sunday, June 23, 2019

California: Legislative Update and Hearings Next Week

Please contact your State Legislators Today! 


Next week, anti-gun legislation will be considered in the Senate Appropriations Committee as well as both the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees. Use the take action buttons below to contact members of the committees and urge their opposition. 

Senate Appropriations Committee - Monday June 24


Assembly Bill 893, sponsored by Assembly Member Todd Gloria (D-78), would prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar fairgrounds located in the 22nd District Agricultural Association on and after January 1, 2021.  


Senate Public Safety Committee - Tuesday June 25


Assembly Bill 879, sponsored by Assembly Member Mike Gipson (D-64), would require precursor firearms parts to be sold/transferred through a licensed precursor parts dealer in a similar process to the new laws regarding ammunition purchases. It would further create a registry of these parts and a new crime for transfer of precursor parts without the involvement of a licensed precursor parts dealer to anyone under 21 years of age or prohibited from owning firearms. Precursor parts include items such as unfinished frames and receivers.   

Assembly Bill 1297, sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin McCarty (D-7), would remove the maximum fee a local authority can charge on the concealed carry permit application.  


Assembly Public Safety - Tuesday June 24


Senate Bill 61, sponsored by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-25), would expand California’s one handgun a month law to apply to all firearms. Further, this legislation was amended to prohibit the sale of centerfire semi-automatic rifles to persons under 21 years of age except in narrow circumstances.   

Senate Bill 120sponsored by Senator Henry Stern (D-27), would expand the penalties for violations of California's transportation laws, including in vehicles or on a person. The penalties include a 10 year prohibition on firearm ownership.  

Senate Bill 172, sponsored by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-25), would expand California's existing storage laws. 


Last week, AB 12, AB 61 and SB 220 passed their respective committees. AB 12 and AB 61 and awaiting a hearing date in the Senate Appropriations Committee and SB 220 is eligible for a vote on the Assembly floor. 

Assembly Bill 12, sponsored by Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin (D-44), would extend the duration of California’s “gun violence restraining order” law from one year to a period of up to five years. Meaning a person could be prohibited from owning and possessing firearms for five years at a time without ever being adjudicated mentally ill or convicted of a crime, but based on third party allegations.  AB 12 passed the Senate Public Safety Committee and has been referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Assembly Bill 61, sponsored by Assembly Member Philip Ting (D-19), would expand the list of those eligible to file “gun violence restraining orders” beyond the currently authorized reporters which include immediate family and law enforcement.  The new list is expanded to employers, coworkers and employees of a secondary or postsecondary school that the person has attended in the last 6 months.  GVRO’s can remove a person’s Second Amendment Rights, not based on criminal convictions or mental adjudications, but based on third party allegations often without due process until weeks after a person’s rights have been suspended.​  AB 61 passed the Senate Public Safety Committee and has been referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Senate Bill 220, sponsored by Senator Jerry Hill (D-13), would further increase the mandatory storage and security requirements for licensed firearms dealers. California already has some of the strictest laws in the country regarding how dealers must store and secure firearms.  This bill simply places more costs and mandates on law-abiding business owners.  SB 220 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee and will be sent to the Assembly floor.

Continue to check your inbox and the California Stand and Fight webpage for updates on issues impacting your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in California.  

California Second Amendment

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