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Rhode Island: Senate Judiciary Committee Schedules More Than a Dozen Gun Bills Tuesday

Monday, June 5, 2017

On Tuesday, June 6, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider over a dozen gun bills.  It is crucial that gun owners make their voices heard on these important Second Amendment bills.  As we enter the final remaining days of session, this is the critical time period to take action.  The Committee will meet upon Rise of the Senate (approximately 4 p.m.).  Please try to attend the hearing, however, if you are unable to attend, it is vital that you contact members of the committee.

Tuesday’s agenda is long, and some of the more egregious bills are detailed below.  Here is a more complete listing of the agenda.

The Committee will hear testimony on the following anti-gun bills. Please urge them to OPPOSE the below bills:

S.187 by Sen. Harold Metts would ban concealed carry on school property for everyone except peace officers.  Carry is currently allowed for credentialed permit holders and there have been no problems with existing state statute.  This bill would simply create another dangerous set of “safe zones” which do not work and only embolden criminals.

S.223 by Sen. Gayle Goldin would ban magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.  This legislation would do nothing to improve public safety as criminals do not obey laws. This dangerous bill would only serve to give criminals an advantage in self-defense situations.  There was a federal magazine restriction for 10 years which was allowed to lapse in 2004 because of its ineffectiveness.

S.376 by Sen. Maryellen Goodwin would prohibit possession of firearms by those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence offenses.  Last year, the Legislature adopted the prohibition for felony convictions which mirrors federal law, however, this legislation would create lifetime gun bans for those convicted of non-violent offenses.

S.404 by Sen. Joshua Miller would ban carrying of rifles and shotguns in motor vehicles.  Unfortunately, the narrow exceptions would do nothing to ensure honest law-abiding citizens are not prosecuted for innocently driving to a shooting range or hunting. 

S.405 by Sen. Joshua Miller would ban possession of firearms by those subject to restraining orders.  This bill lacks due process protections and creates gun bans where there has been no finding of guilt.

S.594 by Sen. Harold Metts would ban the mere possession of firearms by minors.  This youth prohibition would do nothing to curb gang violence and potentially could be used to prosecute law-abiding youth engaged in competitive shooting sports and hunting.

S.840 by Sen. Cynthia Coyne would restrict the issuance of concealed carry permits to only the Attorney General.  Those permits are “may” issue.  This bill would eliminate “shall issue” carry by ending permits issued by local law enforcement.

The Committee will also take testimony on the following pro-gun bills. Please urge them to SUPPORT the below bills:

S.374 by Sen. Stephen Archambault would expand concealed carry reciprocity agreements.

S.379 by Sen. Stephen Archambault would require the Attorney General to annually report to the General Assembly on the disposition of crimes involving firearms.

S.399 by Sen. Stephen Archambault would allow persons in lawful possession of firearm “silencers,” or suppressors, to use the devices for hunting.

S.664 by Sen. Stephen Archambault would enact a number of concealed carry reforms, including creating a more streamlined appeals process and easier renewals.

Please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee immediately, and voice your opinion on this large package of bills.

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