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Your Congressional Lawmakers Need to Hear From You

Friday, October 30, 2015

Anti-gun politicians and their media counterparts continue to seek to exploit recent tragedy and loss to build momentum for a longstanding gun-ban agenda.  We've recently seen President Obama call for confiscatory gun control, and Hillary Clinton echo Obama’s references to Australian and British style gun control.  Hillary has gone so far as to make gun confiscation a central part of her presidential primary campaign.  Yes, the agenda is being moved forward with a not-so-subtle shift in focus from pushing gun control, to discussing gun confiscation. 

It is important to understand where these folks are coming from.  Their gun-ban agenda dictates their rhetoric and the legislation they propose.  It’s not about compromise and “common sense” gun laws.  They don’t support the Second Amendment, as they would have you believe. The goal is to incrementally chip away at our gun rights until they take them away.  There are no solutions being put forth that would have made a difference in the tragedies gun control supporters exploit for political gain.  And the countries that Obama and Hillary cite as models for firearm policy have eliminated the right to armed self-defense for their own people.  That is their endgame. 

And that is why Congress needs to hear from you right now!   You elected them.  They work for you. You must tell them in the clearest possible terms:  Hands off our guns!  Hands off our rights!

Use the “Write Your Lawmakers” feature of our website or call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to make your voices heard.

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