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Arkansas: Campus Carry Bill to be Considered by House Committee Tomorrow

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Arkansas: Campus Carry Bill to be Considered by House Committee Tomorrow

House Bill 1077, an NRA-supported bill that seeks to allow staff members of public colleges and universities with valid Right to Carry permits to carry a firearm for personal protection while on school property, will be considered tomorrow in the House Committee on EducationThis bill will face a tough vote in Committee, so it is imperative that you immediately contact members of the House Committee on Education and urge them to support HB 1077. 

“Gun-free zones” only disarm law-abiding citizens and serve as an egregious infringement of an individual’s Second Amendment rights, and do nothing to prevent individuals' intent on committing crimes from doing so.  Passage of HB 1077 would be the first step towards restoring a fundamental right to self-defense, regardless of one’s location. 

If you are able to attend tomorrow's House Committee on Education meeting, it will be he held at 10:00 A.M. in Room 138 of the State Capitol in Little Rock. 

In the meantime, please urge your friends and family to attend the meeting and use the below contact information to contact members of the House Committee on Education, urging them to support this important bill that will advance our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

House Committee on Education:

Representative Bruce Cozart (R-24), Chairman
Phone: 501-627-3232
Email: bruce.cozart@arkansashouse.org

Representative Sheilla E. Lampkin (D-9), Vice Chairman
Phone: 870-723-6449
Email: Sheilla.Lampkin@arkansashouse.org

Representative Charles L. Armstrong (D-30)
Phone: 501-224-5071
Email: ffa191@sbcglobal.net

Representative Scott Baltz (D-61)
Phone: 870-378-1380
Email: scottbaltz@yahoo.com

Representative Nate Bell (R-20)
Phone: 479-234-2092
Email: nate.bell@arkansashouse.org

Representative Gary Deffenbaugh (R-79)
Phone: 479-719-8197
Email: Gary.Deffenbaugh@arkansashouse.org

Representative Charlotte V. Douglas (R-75)
Phone: 479-276-7777
Email: charlotte.douglas@arkansashouse.org

Representative Jon S. Eubanks (R-74)
Phone: 479-438-0533
Email: Jon.Eubanks@arkansashouse.org

Representative Jeremy Gillam (R-45)
Phone: 501-729-0042
Email: jeremy@growing45.com

Representative Bill Gossage (R-82)
Phone: 479-667-2122
Email: bill@billgossage.com

Representative Michael John Gray (D-47)
Phone: 870-347-6000
Email: michael.gray@arkansashouse.org

Representative Justin T. Harris (R-81)
Phone: 479-871-8542
Email: Justin.Harris@arkansashouse.org

Representative Grant Hodges (R-96)
Phone: 479-381-9513
Email: grant.hodges@arkansashouse.org

Representative Greg Leding (D-86)
Phone: 479-966-9201
Email: greg.leding@arkansashouse.org

Representative Mark Lowery (R-39)
Phone: 501-837-5221
Email: markdlowery@mac.com

Representative Mark D. McElroy (D-11)
Phone: 870-644-3822
Email: mdmcelroy1@yahoo.com

Representative Reginald Murdock (D-48)
Phone: 870-295-3208
Email: rkm_72360@yahoo.com

Representative James Ratliff (D-60)
Phone: 501-454-5200
Email: jamesratliff3468@gmail.com

Representative Warwick Sabin (D-33)
Phone: 501-372-4550
Email: wsabin@wsabin.org

Representative John W. Walker (D-34)
Phone: 501-614-9772
Email: johnwalkeratty@aol.com

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