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Michigan: Contact Governor Snyder Now and Urge Him to Sign SB 789 into Law

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Michigan: Contact Governor Snyder Now and Urge Him to Sign SB 789 into Law

It is imperative that you contact Governor Rick Snyder (R) today and urge him to sign Senate Bill 789 into law. Anti-gun organizations are attempting to use their money and influence to force Governor Snyder to veto this important pro-gun legislation.  It is important that you contact Governor Snyder and respectfully urge him to stand up for your Second Amendment rights and sign SB 789 before Friday, January 16th.

Senate Bill 789, which passed the legislature by significant margins, seeks to create a more efficient and uniform concealed pistol licensing process for all Michiganders. The NRA, along with other pro-Second Amendment organizations and numerous law-enforcement officials, support the signing of SB 789.

Last year, SB 789 proceeded through the legislative process without serious opposition. The bill was posted for public consumption. Hearings were held to allow for public testimony. Stakeholder concerns were voiced and their opinions were addressed. Now, only after the bill has passed the legislature and is sitting on the Governor’s desk, groups that were given nearly a year to publicly voice their concerns are attacking this legislation based on misinformation about its content.

Over the past two weeks, numerous media outlets and anti-gun organizations have attacked SB 789 based on a false assertion that the bill requires concealed pistol licenses to be issued to persons subject to personal protection orders for domestic violence or stalking. This statement and belief, whether genuine or manufactured, grossly misrepresents the contents of the bill and current Michigan law regarding personal protection orders. Simply put, if an individual is a domestic-abuser and has been charged or convicted as such, or a judge has made a determination that the individual should not be allowed to purchase or possess a firearm, that person will be prohibited from receiving a concealed pistol license under SB 789. No exceptions.

Furthermore, these anti-gun organizations are purposely omitting the fact that SB 789 was written to provide enhanced protections for victims of domestic violence. Under the proposed law, an individual who petitions the court system for a personal protection order automatically qualifies for a temporary, emergency concealed pistol license. The NRA advocated for this provision and supports it based on the belief that victims of these heinous acts should be able to avail themselves of all legally available methods to ensure their personal safety and the safety of threatened family members. 

We hope that you will join the NRA in supporting SB 789. Please contact Governor Snyder and respectfully urge him to sign SB 789 into law. Let him know that the opinions of out-of-state, anti-gun elitists are not welcome, nor are they appreciated in Michigan.

Governor Rick Snyder

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