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Kentucky: First Week of a Short Session sees Introduction of Multiple Gun Bills

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kentucky: First Week of a Short Session sees Introduction of Multiple Gun Bills

On Tuesday, the 2015 Kentucky Legislature convened and a substantial number of pro-gun and pro-hunting bills were introduced that stand to benefit law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen across the Bluegrass State. 

Senate Bill 56, introduced by state Senator Robin Webb (D-18), would make it illegal to interfere with the lawful act of hunting and the taking of game with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Senate Bill 66, introduced by state Senator C.B. Embry (R-6), would allow current and retired military, law enforcement and Coast Guard under the age of 21 to apply for a concealed carry permit.

Senate Bill 67, introduced by state Senator C.B. Embry (R-6), would allow recognition of a NRA firearms safety and training course as a qualifying class when applying for a concealed deadly weapons license (CDWL).  By adding this NRA curriculum, SB 67 would allow citizens the option for training when obtaining a CDWL and would help ease the timeline, cost and process.

House Bill 91, introduced by state Representative James Kay (D-56), would clarify certain aspects of Kentucky’s charitable gaming statutes and afford groups like the Friends of NRA the opportunity to host more events throughout the state.  HB 91 would also streamline the reporting process for those on the charitable gaming license.

This week also saw the introduction of legislation that stands to unnecessarily burden Kentucky taxpayers and law-abiding gun owners in the act of self-defense.

House Concurrent Resolution 16, introduced by state Representative Reginald Meeks (D-42), would create a "gun violence" task force to study the effects of guns and gun violence in Kentucky.  Introduced by a consistently “F-rated” legislator, your NRA opposes this effort and efforts like this because these “task forces” tend to make unsubstantiated inferences and seek to impose gun control measures on law-abiding gun owners, in addition to being a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Despite historically low crime rates across the United States and gun ownership being at an all-time high, anti-gun legislators like Representative Meeks continue to push their radical and misguided agenda.

Senate Bill 14, introduced by state Senator Reginald Thomas (D-13), would undermine current Kentucky law when it comes to protecting your own life or the lives of your family.  SB 14 weakens your ability for self-defense by taking away your right to stand your ground when facing an attack.  This bill would unnecessarily change the intent of current self-protection laws with language that could be construed by the courts to shift the risk away from an attacker and onto a law-abiding citizen in cases of self-defense.  Your NRA strongly opposes SB 14 because of these unnecessary changes to current Kentucky self-defense laws.

The 2015 Kentucky Legislature recessed until Tuesday, February 3rd.  Please stay tuned to your email inbox and www.nraila.org for further updates on committee hearings and progress on all related bills.

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