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Massachusetts Voter Registration Information

Friday, December 9, 2011

Presidential Primary Election
March 6, 2012

Presidential Primary Election Voter Registration Deadline
February 15, 2012

Primary Election
September 6, 2012

Primary Election Voter Registration Deadline
August 17, 2012

General Election
November 6, 2012

General Election Voter Registration Deadline
October 17, 2012

Voter Registration and Eligibility
Must register to vote 20 days before the election.
Can change party affiliation 20 days before the election or select party
affiliation at the polls.


 To register to vote in the state of Massachusetts, an individual must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be a resident of Massachusetts
  • Be at least 18 years old on or before Election Day


In Person:
You can register to vote in the following places: any Town Clerks' or City Election Office; any local election office (contact information); when applying for or renewing your driver's license at the Registry of Motor Vehicles or when applying for service at a designated voter registration agency. Keep your motor voter receipt until you receive confirmation from your local election official.

By Mail:
To obtain a mail-in registration form call 617-727-2828 or 1-800-462-VOTE and a form will be sent to you. Mail the completed form to your local city or town hall. Citizens may also complete a voter registration form request. A voter registration form will be mailed to you. Complete the form and mail to it to your local city/town hall.


 Who Can Absentee Vote in Massachusetts?
A voter may vote by absentee ballot if he:

  • Will be absent from his city or town on Election Day
  • Has a physical disability preventing him from voting at the polling place
  • Holds religious beliefs that prevent him from voting on Election Day

Generally, a voter must be registered in order to vote absentee, though several exceptions exist: Those outside of Massachusetts, prisoners, and members of the armed forces or merchant marine, or their spouses or dependents, do not need to be registered in order to vote absentee.

How Can I Acquire an Absentee Ballot?

In Person:
If you cast your ballot at the clerk's office before Election Day, plan to visit the office two or three weeks before the election. You can make your application and cast your vote in one visit.

Call the clerk's office to make certain that the absentee ballots are available. Absentee ballots should be available three weeks before an election.

By Mail:
If you vote by mail, make certain the application arrives at your local election office early. Remember, the ballot will be mailed to you. You may mail or hand-deliver it back to the election office but it must arrive before the close of the polls on election day (8:00pm for state elections).

You may apply in writing to your city or town clerk or election commission (contact information).

The written request must include:

  • your name
  • address as registered
  • ward and precinct (if you know them)
  • address where you wish the absentee ballot sent
  • in a primary, the party ballot you want
  • signature

Application forms are also available at your local election office.
Obtain an application for an absentee ballot online.

Additional Information for Overseas Voters

How do I Return the Absentee Ballot and What is the Deadline?

You may mail or hand-deliver it back to the election office but must arrive before the close of the polls on Election Day (8:00 p.m. for state elections).

Source of information:
Secretary of the Commonwealth
Elections Division
McCormack Building, Room 1705
One Ashburton Place
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
Telephone: 617-727-2828
Toll-Free: 1-800-462-VOTE
Fax: 617-742-3238
E-mail: elections@sec.state.ma.us




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