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Nebraska: Governor Heineman Signs Right-to-Carry Reform Bill!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Please Contact Governor Heineman Today! 

On Tuesday, May 19, Governor Dave Heineman (R) signed LB 430.  This comprehensive reform package will make numerous changes to Nebraska’s firearm regulations.  On Wednesday, another pro-gun reform, LB 503, was transmitted to the governor’s desk for his consideration.  LB 503 will help protect Nebraska’s shooting ranges from local zoning regulations.

LB 430, sponsored by State Senator Mark Christensen (44), is a comprehensive bill that deals with four aspects of firearm legislation.  LB 430 will give the state the sole authority to regulate firearms, thus prohibiting cities and municipalities from enacting local anti-gun ordinances.  In addition, this legislation will permit the Attorney General’s office establish reciprocity agreements with states that meet or exceed Nebraska’s current training requirements for Right-to-Carry permits, and  allow for armed security to be present in places of worship, including citizens licensed to carry concealed handguns.  Finally, the bill will allow non-resident military personnel that are stationed in Nebraska to apply for a resident permit to carry a concealed handgun.

LB 503, sponsored by State Senator Chris Langemeier (23), will help protect ranges from local zoning regulations, noise ordinances, and discharge bans, which are sometimes enacted by local municipalities to force range closures.  Currently, Nebraska is one of the three states without any form of range protection.  LB 503 is currently pending consideration by Governor Heineman.

Please contact Governor Heineman and thank him for signing LB 430 into law, and also encourage him to sign LB 503 to help protect Nebraska’s ranges.  You can contact Governor Heineman by calling (402) 471-2244 or via email by clicking here.




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