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Wesley Clark Blames American Gun owners for Crisis in Mexico

Friday, March 20, 2009

Joining in the chorus of other anti-gun politicians blaming gun owners for Mexican violence, former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark said, "The real problem here, and the Mexican government, the people I've talked to in the Mexican government, recently say the problem Mexico has is we're sending weapons into Mexico . . ." 

Of course, Clark's statement is absurd on its face.  It implies that we, the American people, are complicit in the illegal act of smuggling guns into Mexico, or that it is legal to take firearms across the border.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Gun smuggling by the cartels and their agents is a part of their ongoing international criminal enterprise.  To suggest, as Clark did in this interview with tabloid journalist Geraldo Rivera, that law-abiding Americans condone these illegal activities is typical anti-gun rhetoric. 

Clark went on to call for re-imposition of the 1994 gun and magazine ban, but in doing so showed how little he actually knows about American gun laws when he said, "if people want machine guns, just let them join the military." 

Perhaps someone will inform the former general about the difference between machine guns and semi-automatics. 

Click here to view Clark's misinformed remarks.

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