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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 28, No. 15 4/12/2021

NRA Opposes David Chipman for ATF Director
NRA Opposes David Chipman for ATF Director
During a press conference on Thursday, President Biden announced that he would once again be targeting law-abiding gun owners by ordering ATF to develop two new restrictive regulations. Aiming to accessorize the Department of Justice’s anti-gun leadership team, Biden announced his nomination of gun control lobbyist David Chipman for Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.
In New Executive Gun Control Push, Biden Seems to Throw Obama, and Himself, Under the Bus
In New Executive Gun Control Push, Biden Seems to Throw Obama, and Himself, Under the Bus
At Biden's recent Rose Garden ceremony, where he announced his latest assault on the Second Amendment, he lied a number of times, and garbled the name of the federal agency tasked with enforcing federal gun laws.
Millions of Americans Bought Guns Last Month
Millions of Americans Bought Guns Last Month
Firearm retailers reported to their trade association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, that 40% of their customers during the Surge of 2020 were first time gun buyers.
A Radical Idea: It’s Not the Gun, it’s the Criminal
A Radical Idea: It’s Not the Gun, it’s the Criminal
Rahm Emanuel, recently the mayor of Chicago and who has previously served as a member of the Clinton Administration and as President Obama’s White House chief of staff, proposed a few curious gun control ideas while appearing as a panelist on ABC’s This Week program on March 28.


Alabama Alabama
Alabama: House Passes Lifetime Carry Permit Bill
Colorado Colorado
Colorado: Urgent Action Needed – Anti-Gun Bills Progressing Rapidly from General Assembly
Connecticut Connecticut
Connecticut: Firearm Seizure Bill Moves to the House
Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii: Committee Passes Retroactive Home-Built Gun Ban
Idaho Idaho
Idaho: Governor Signs Shooting Range Protection Act into Law!
Idaho: Shooting Range Funding Legislation Expecting Floor Vote Soon
Indiana Indiana
Indiana: Remind Your Senator to Take Action on Lawful Carry Bill
Kansas Kansas
Kansas: Senate Passes Two Pro-Gun Measures with Bipartisan Support – Contact Your Representative
Kansas: House Concurs on Senate Amendments to Pro-Gun Bills, Sending them to the Governor
Maine Maine
Maine: Gun Confiscation Bill Scheduled for Committee Hearing
Maine: Multiple Hunting Measures to be Worked on in Committee
Maine: Legislation to Ban Self-Defense at Polling Locations Scheduled for Committee Hearing
Maryland Maryland
Maryland: Montgomery County Passes Restrictions on Home-Built Firearms
Maryland: Bill Hijacked to Become Anti-Gun
Missouri Missouri
Missouri: Public Transit Self-Defense Bill Goes to Senate Floor
Nevada Nevada
Nevada Assembly Judiciary Committee Sneaks Anti-Gun Bill Through on Deadline Day
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Hampshire: House to Vote on Pro-Gun Bills
New Hampshire: Senate Judiciary Committee to Consider Self-Defense Bill
New Hampshire: House Passes Pro-Gun Measures
North Carolina North Carolina
North Carolina: Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal Filed
North Dakota North Dakota
North Dakota: Stand Your Ground Legislation Passed out of Senate Committee
North Dakota: Pro-Self-Defense Bills Advancing in the Peace Garden State
North Dakota: Stand Your Ground Legislation Joins Other Pro-Gun Legislation on Governor’s Desk
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oklahoma: Legislative Update After Committee Deadline Has Passed
Rhode Island Rhode Island
Rhode Island: Senate Judiciary Committee Will Conduct Remote “Gun Bill Day” Monday
South Carolina South Carolina
South Carolina: Constitutional Carry Passes Critical Vote
South Carolina House Passes Constitutional Carry
Tennessee Tennessee
NRA-backed Constitutional Carry Signed in Tennessee
Texas Texas
This Thursday in Austin Part II: House Committee to Hear State Version of Federal Ban on Private Firearm Transfers & Numerous Other Gun Bills
This Thursday in Austin Part I: Senate Committee to Hear Pro-2A Firearms Legislation
Vermont Vermont
Vermont: House Committee Attacking Sportsmen
West Virginia West Virginia
West Virginia: Gov. Justice Signs Two Pro-Gun Bills
Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming: More Pro-Gun Legislation Headed to the Governor’s Desk
Wyoming: Legislature Adjourns and Governor Signs Multiple Pro-Gun Bills into Law

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