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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 30, No. 6 2/21/2023

2nd Amendment steps in after cops step back in wake of defund movement in Chicago
2nd Amendment steps in after cops step back in wake of defund movement in Chicago
An 80-year-old man living near Chicago's O’Hare airport was left "​​battered" late last month when two intruders knocked on his door and entered his home.
State Attorneys General to Biden on “Assault Weapon” Ban: Nope, Nada, Not Having It
State Attorneys General to Biden on “Assault Weapon” Ban: Nope, Nada, Not Having It
Following his State of the Union (SOTU) speech earlier this month, in which President Joe Biden yelled, “Band [sic] ‘assault weapons’ now!”, the president predictably included the same demand last week in remarks at the National Association of Counties legislative conference. “I’m gonna say something that’s always controversial but there is no rationale for assault weapons and magazines that hold 50, 70 bullets. Got it done once. Gonna do it again.”
Misconceptions About So-called “Safe Storage” Laws
Misconceptions About So-called “Safe Storage” Laws
There is no section of the Code of Virginia titled, “Prohibition on providing young children with gasoline and matches to play with.” Does that mean it’s legal in the Old Dominion to give young children gasoline and matches to amuse themselves?
School Districts Propose Mandatory Firearm Declarations
School Districts Propose Mandatory Firearm Declarations
Recently, plans have come to light for certain school districts in Rhode Island, a state that bans firearm registries by statute, to require parents to make declarations about privately-owned firearms when registering their children for school. Besides its tension with existing law and obvious irrelevance to the schools’ educational mission, this move risks stigmatizing innocent kids and chilling the exercise of a constitutional right.
14 Acres of Guns & Gear!

14 Acres of Guns & Gear!
Join us April 14 - 16, 2023 in Indianapolis, IN for the event of the year! The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is the only event of its kind where you can see all the major firearms and accessory manufacturers under one roof. 


Arizona Arizona
Arizona: Pro-Guns Bills Scheduled for Policy Hearings
Colorado Colorado
Colorado: Shooting Ban on Private Property Passes the House
Connecticut Connecticut
Connecticut: Gun Tax On The Agenda in Hartford This Week
Florida Florida
Florida: Constitutional Carry Continues to Advance
Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii: House Judiciary Committee to Hear Anti-Gun Bills
Kansas Kansas
Kansas: Firearm Safety Education Bill Passes Senate
Michigan Michigan
Michigan: Anti-Gun Bill Packages Introduced
Mississippi Mississippi
Mississippi: Bill Crossover Deadline Passes, Anti-Gun Bills Do Not
Nebraska Nebraska
Join us for the 2023 NRA Nebraska State Conference
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Hampshire: House Committee to Vote on Gun Bills this Thursday
New Mexico New Mexico
New Mexico: House Committee Advances HB 100 (14-Day Waiting Period) to House floor; Will Vote on HB 101 (Semi-Auto Ban/Magazine Limits) This Week
North Carolina North Carolina
North Carolina: Permit-to-Purchase Repeal Advances from Senate Committee
North Carolina: Pro-2A Measures Pass House, State Senate
North Carolina: Committee Hearing Tomorrow for Permit-to-Purchase Repeal
North Dakota North Dakota
North Dakota: House Voting on Gun Bills Today, Contact Your Representative!
South Carolina South Carolina
South Carolina: House Committee Advances Constitutional Carry to a Floor Vote
South Dakota South Dakota
South Dakota: Contact Your Representative Today to Support a Pro-2A Bill
South Dakota: Pro-2A Bill Sent to the Governor’s Desk!
Virginia Virginia
Virginia: House Subcommittee Voted Down Senate Anti-Gun Bills
Washington Washington
Washington: Senate Passes Gun Rights Prohibition Bill
Washington: Senate Committee Vote Scheduled on Bill to Bankrupt Firearm Industry
West Virginia West Virginia
West Virginia: Campus Self-Defense Act Goes to House Floor

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