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Gun Control: the Impact on Hunting

  • The fight against gun control, in general, is inseparable from the fight for the rights of hunters.

  • Many hunters wish to bring a sidearm, such as a handgun, for protection while hunting.

  • One example of gun control efforts that would have negatively impacted hunters was bill S. 649, introduced in 2013 by anti-gun politicians. Under S. 649, one could share a gun while out hunting in the field, but back at the hunting camp, it would be illegal to clean someone else’s gun, or even to loan a family member a gun for a weekend hunting trip.

  • Anti-gun politicians have tried banning guns solely on characteristics. Politicians have proposed bans on many items that hunters use for hunting.  These include folding stocks, grips, and threaded barrels. Folding stocks allow hunters to more easily carry a rifle or shotgun in a backpack while hunting or camping. A misconception among anti-gunners is that folding stocks allow people to conceal their long guns; however, even with a folding stock, long guns are still less concealable than a handgun.  Grips allow hunters to stabilize their gun, which increases accuracy while hunting, as hunters often do not have sandbags or a benchrest. Threaded barrels allow hunters to attach suppressors to their guns. Suppressors reduce the noise created by the gunshot which in turn protects the hunters hearing.   (CATO Institute).  

  • Increasing waiting periods and other regulations would add to the burdens, both financial and time-wise, of hunters.

·         The fight against gun control, in general, is inseparable from the fight for the rights of hunters.



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