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Mrs. Obama Said Electing Natalie Tennant to the U.S. Senate is "Critical" to President Obama's Anti-Second Amendment Agenda


Recently, West Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Natalie Tennant attended a New York City fundraiser with Michelle Obama and picked up her endorsement. Mrs. Obama said that electing Tennant is "critical" to enacting President Obama's anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Back in West Virginia, the Tennant campaign shied away from the Obama endorsement but reaffirmed Tennant's support for a gun control measure that recently failed in the U.S. Senate.

There are tens of thousands of NRA members and Second Amendment supporters in West Virginia, who deserve to know that Natalie Tennant supports President Barack Obama’s anti-freedom agenda.

Excerpts from Mrs. Obama’s remarks:

"And let's not forget about that common-sense gun legislation, that so many of us feel so strongly about. Sadly as you know, that bill failed. Anyone know by how many votes? It failed by just six votes in the Senate.  Six.  So make no mistake about it: the midterm elections, they matter. They matter."

Obama went on to say that people could make a "huge difference" in the West Virginia election by writing a "huge check."

"And it's simple, you can write a big ol' fat check," she said, to laughs. "That's what we need you to do. Right now, write a big check, big huge one, write the biggest check you can possibly write."

In conclusion, she said that electing Tennant is critical to enacting President Obama's gun control agenda.

"So it is critical that we elect Michelle Nunn, Alison Grimes, Natalie Tennant. It is critical that we get them to the Senate....it is critical, because we all know that it’s not enough to elect Barack Obama President if we don’t give him a Congress that will help him..."

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Remarks by Michelle Obama at DSCC Women Senators Event: http://m.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/11/18/remarks-first-lady-dscc-women-senators-event


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