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Alabama: Rep. Stringer Sponsors HB 308 to Kill Lifetime Permit Option!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Alabama: Rep. Stringer Sponsors HB 308 to Kill Lifetime Permit Option!

NRA has alerted our members and supporters of our strong support of House Bill 39 and Senate Bill 47, bills that will provide a lifetime option to Alabama’s concealed carry permit holders.  These pro-gun measures will give YOU the choice of which permit option is best for your self-defense needs.

Unfortunately, from day one the Alabama Sheriffs Association (ASA) has opposed these bills, including individual sheriffs from all over the state, and now Representative Shane Stringer has introduced HB 308 as an “alternative” to kill HB 39 and SB 47.  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Representative and ask them to OPPOSE HB 308 and SUPPORT HB 39 and SB 47.

Rep. Stringer’s bill, House Bill 308, is nothing more than a “bait and switch” trick that would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.  The bill creates a new “repository” of all concealed carry permits, along with the personal information of permit holders, to be administered by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

You read that right – every permit statewide will be managed in a “repository” by the Montgomery County Sheriff.  No oversight.  No statewide check.  The entire state database of permits handed to a single sheriff who, evidently, answers to nobody.

HB 308 doesn’t provide a lifetime permit and it doesn’t make the permit application process any easier.  This bill was introduced for one purpose and one purpose only – kill the lifetime permit bills that are gaining support day-by-day in the legislature.

Permit holders don’t need to be reminded that Alabama’s exemption to the NICS background check was stripped last summer after an investigation revealed serious irregularities in the permitting process of several sheriffs over a number of years.  Instead of acknowledging how their actions undermined the self-defense rights of permit holders, however, the sheriffs are pushing HB 308 to kill the lifetime option bills.

The unfortunate truth is that many sheriffs don’t believe they answer to the law-abiding gun owners of their counties.  Over the years, these sheriffs, along with the ASA, have thwarted all attempts to streamline and modernize the permitting system.  They refuse to recognize your right to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Every year, they spend countless hours in Montgomery finding ways to sabotage bills that are introduced to protect and promote your firearms freedom.

And now they’re lobbying Montgomery again.  Not to protect public safety, but to undermine your rights and kill legislation to give you the option of a lifetime permit. 

It’s time we stood together and said enough is enough.  Please click the “Take Action” button to protect your freedoms and let your Representative know that you want a lifetime permit and strongly oppose putting the Montgomery County Sheriff in charge of permits statewide.

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