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Nevada: Chamber of Origin Deadline Today, Anti-Gun Bills On The Move

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Nevada: Chamber of Origin Deadline Today, Anti-Gun Bills On The Move

Update: As of 5:45PM on April 23rd, both bills have passed from the Assembly.

Today is the deadline for legislative bills to pass out of their chamber of origin.  AB 291 and AB 153 are anticipated to receive votes today.  Please contact your Assembly member and urge them to OPPOSE Assembly Bills 291 and 153.  Click the “Take Action” button to contact your Assembly member.

Assembly Bill 291, introduced by Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui (D-41), is omnibus anti-gun legislation that is a threat to both law-abiding gun owners residing in Nevada and those who are visiting.  Most notably, AB 291 would:

  • Allow Local Gun Control Laws: Nevada's firearm preemption laws have been on the books since 1989 and have been improved over the years to ensure consistency in firearm laws throughout the state, by occupying the field of firearm related regulations with the State Legislature.  With the amendments to AB 291, the legislature would cede authority to the counties to pass stricter gun control laws without limitation.  This move could result in a confusing patchwork of laws for both residents and visitors to navigate while subjecting Nevadans in one county to a different set of rules and regulations regarding their constitutional rights than to a person in a neighboring county. 
  • Criminalize Certain Firearm Modifications: With the amendments, this legislation remains broader than existing federal regulations, and would criminalize certain modifications on semi-automatic firearms.  Violations of this section would result in felony penalties. 
  • Expand the ability for localities to create “gun-free zones:” These arbitrary boundaries would only disarm law-abiding citizens and leave them defenseless against the criminals who ignore such restrictions.

Assembly Bill 153, introduced by Assembly Member Ozzie Fumo (D-21), would expand Nevada's current law regulating firearm storage that could make firearms unavailable for self-defense.

Additionally, last night, Assembly Bill 60, introduced by the Assembly Committee on Judiciary, was amended to include problematic language that would have greatly expanded firearm prohibitions to a greater number of individuals.  However, after discussions, the language is being amended out today on the floor, removing our opposition. 

Again, please contact your Assembly member and urge them to OPPOSE AB 291 and AB 153. 

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