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Montana: Your Action Needed to Defeat Political Speech Suppression Legislation!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Montana: Your Action Needed to Defeat Political Speech Suppression Legislation!

As early as tomorrow, March 20, the Montana House Business and Labor Committee could take executive action on Senate Bill 289. Sponsored by state Senator Duane Ankney (R-20), SB 289 seeks to suppress political speech by organizations such as the NRA which informs Second Amendment supporters on election-related issues and updates.  This bill would impose restrictions on organizations participating in certain aspects of candidate activism and election advocacy.  This legislation creates a high level of uncertainty for organizations that participate and communicate information relating to candidates and elections to individuals in Montana.  If enacted, organizations such as the NRA could be required to disclose personal donor information.  SB 289 contains many vague sections, leaving the full extent of the bill’s reach unclear.  Other concerns are raised since a large amount of discretion and decision-making is left up to the Commissioner of Political Practices, including determinations of who would be affected under this bill without clear guidance or definition currently present in the legislation.  It is imperative that you contact members of the House Business and Labor Committee and politely urge them to oppose Senate Bill 289 when it comes up for a vote.  Contact information for committee members is provided below.

House Business and Labor Committee:

Representative Tom Berry (R-40), Chairman
Phone: (406) 698-3940
Email: tom@tomberrymt.com        

Representative Daniel Salomon (R-93), Vice-Chairman
Phone: (406) 675-0150
Email: dansalomon12@gmail.com    

Representative Ryan Lynch (D-76), Vice-Chairman
Phone: (406) 498-6625
Email: Rep.Ryan.Lynch@mt.gov      

Representative Christy Clark (R-17)
Phone: (406) 466-2483
Email: christy_clark@ymail.com      

Representative Willis Curdy (D-98)
Phone: (406) 546-0523
Email: Rep.Willis.Curdy@mt.gov      

Representative Steve Fitzpatrick (R-20)
Phone: (406) 750-6764
Email: Rep.Steve.Fitzpatrick@mt.gov        

Representative Chuck Hunter (D-83)
Phone: (406) 202-2030
Email: Rep.Chuck.Hunter@mt.gov   

Representative George Kipp (D-15)
Phone: (406) 229-1045
Email: Rep.George.Kipp@mt.gov     

Representative Mike Lang (R-33)
Phone: (406) 654-7357
Email: Rep.Mike.Lang@mt.gov        

Representative David Moore (R-92)
Phone: (406) 239-3499
Email: Rep.David.Moore@mt.gov     

Representative Mark Noland (R-10)
Phone: (406) 837-4810
Email: marknolandhd10@gmail.com 

Representative Andrea Olsen (D-100)
Email: Rep.Andrea.Olsen@mt.gov   

Representative Gordon Pierson (D-78)
Phone: (406) 846-3335
Email: Rep.Gordon.Pierson@mt.gov 

Representative Christopher Pope (D-65)
Phone: (406) 581-8739
Email: Rep.Christopher.Pope@mt.gov        

Representative Vince Ricci (R-55)
Phone: (406) 855-9153
Email: Rep.Vince.Ricci@mt.gov       

Representative Tom Richmond (R-56)
Phone: (406) 208-5588
Email: tomrichmondmt@gmail.com  

Representative Scott Staffanson (R-35)
Phone: (406) 480-0467
Email: scottstaffanson@gmail.com  

Representative Tom Steenberg (D-99)
Phone: (406) 721-5869
Email: mtsteenberg@bresnan.net    

Representative Jeffrey Welborn (R-72)
Phone: (406) 949-6070
Email: jeffwelborn@hotmail.com

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