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Minnesota: Pro-Gun House Bills to Receive Committee Hearings This Week

Monday, March 9, 2015

Minnesota:  Pro-Gun House Bills to Receive Committee Hearings This Week

Thanks to your support, on Thursday, March 12, at 10:15 a.m. in State Office Building Room 10, the House Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy and Finance Committee will hold a hearing on four important pro-gun bills.  Please contact members of this Committee and request their support for these important measures. 

House File 830, authored by state Representatives Eric Lucero (R-30B), Tony Cornish (R-23B) and David Dill (DFL-03A), would align Minnesota with more than 40 states that have conformed their statutes to federal law so that their residents can purchase rifles and shotguns in non-contiguous states, provided that the purchase or transfer complies with state and federal law.  Currently, Minnesota statute affirms that residents may purchase long guns in Minnesota and bordering states, but remains silent on whether or not residents might purchase long guns in non-contiguous states. 

House File 372, authored by state Representatives Jim Nash (R-47), David Dill (DFL-03A) and Tim Miller (R-17A), modifies the Capitol Carry Notification provision.  Current statute allows permit holders to carry on the capitol complex as long as the permit holder “so notify the sheriff or the commissioner of public safety, as appropriate.”  This legislation would update and clarify the statute to provide that application for permit constitutes “notification,” as required. 

House File 1434, authored by state Representatives Tony Cornish (R-23B), Mark Anderson (R-09A), and David Dill (DFL-03A), would legalize ownership and possession of firearm sound suppressors.  For more information on this legislation and the benefits of shooting suppressed, click here.

House File 305, authored by state Representatives Dan Fabian (R-01A), Steve Green (R-02B) and David Dill (DFL-30A), would amend the Minnesota Personal Protection Act to recognize the North Dakota permit to carry as valid in Minnesota to establish reciprocity between the two states.  

Also on Thursday, House File 722 will be heard in the House Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee at 10 a.m. in the Basement Hearing Room.  Authored by Representatives Jim Newberger (R-15B), Eric Lucero (R-30B) and Josh Heintzeman (R-10A), HF 722 would prohibit any government agency from confiscating or regulating the lawful possession, carrying, transfer, transportation and defensive use of firearms or ammunition during a state of emergency, like the actions that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This important language was passed overwhelmingly by the House and Senate in 2012, but was part of a bill which Governor Dayton vetoed.  HF 722 will need your strong support this year to pass through the legislature and receive the Governor’s signature.  

Please use the contact information provided below to call and email members of the House Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy and Finance Committee in SUPPORT of HF 830, HF 372, HF 1434 and HF 305.  Please also contact members of the House Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee in SUPPORT of HF 722.


House Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy and Finance Committee:

Representative Tony Cornish (R-23B), Chairman
Phone: 651-296-4240 
E-mail: rep.tony.cornish@house.mn

Representative Brian Johnson (R-32A), Vice Chairman
Phone: 651-296-4346 
E-mail: rep.brian.johnson@house.mn

Representative Debra Hilstrom (DFL-40B), DFL Lead
Phone: 651-296-3709 
E-mail: rep.debra.hilstrom@house.mn

Representative John (Jack) Considine Jr. (DFL-19B)
Phone: 651-296-3248 
E-mail: rep.jack.considine@house.mn

Representative Raymond Dehn (DFL-59B)
Phone: 651-296-8659 
E-mail: rep.raymond.dehn@house.mn

Representative Jerry Hertaus (R-33A)
Phone: 651-296-9188 
E-mail: rep.jerry.hertaus@house.mn

Representative Jeff Howe (R-13A)
Phone: 651-296-4373 
E-mail: rep.jeff.howe@house.mn

Representative Kathy Lohmer (R-39B)
Phone: 651-296-4244 
E-mail: rep.kathy.lohmer@house.mn

Representative Eric Lucero (R-30B)
Phone: 651-296-1534 
E-mail: rep.eric.lucero@house.mn

Representative Jim Newberger (R-15B)
Phone: 651-296-2451 
E-mail: rep.jim.newberger@house.mn

Representative Marion O'Neill (R-29B)
Phone: 651-296-5063 
E-mail: rep.marion.oneill@house.mn

Representative Duane Quam (R-25A)
Phone: 651-296-9236 
E-mail: rep.duane.quam@house.mn

Representative Paul Rosenthal (DFL-49B)
Phone: 651-296-7803 
E-mail: rep.paul.rosenthal@house.mn

Representative Dan Schoen (DFL-54A)
Phone: 651-296-4342 
E-mail: rep.dan.schoen@house.mn

Representative JoAnn Ward (DFL-53A)
Phone: 651-296-7807 
E-mail: rep.joann.ward@house.mn

Representative Ryan Winkler (DFL-46A)
Phone: 651-296-7026 
E-mail: rep.ryan.winkler@house.mn

Representative Nick Zerwas (R-30A)
Phone: 651-296-4237 
E-mail: rep.nick.zerwas@house.mn


House Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee:

Representative Tim Sanders (R-37B), Chairman
Phone: 651-296-4226 
E-mail: rep.tim.sanders@house.mn

Representative Cindy Pugh (R-33B), Vice Chairman
Phone: 651-296-4315 
E-mail: rep.cindy.pugh@house.mn

Representative Michael V. Nelson (DFL-40A), DFL Lead
Phone: 651-296-3751 
E-mail: rep.michael.nelson@house.mn

Representative Tony Albright (R-55B)
Phone: 651-296-5185 
E-mail: rep.tony.albright@house.mn

Representative Kelly Fenton (R-53B)
Phone: 651-296-1147 
E-mail: rep.kelly.fenton@house.mn

Representative Laurie Halverson (DFL-51B)
Phone: 651-296-4128 
E-mail: rep.laurie.halverson@house.mn

Representative Carolyn Laine (DFL-41B)
Phone: 651-296-4331 
E-mail: rep.carolyn.laine@house.mn

Representative Joe Mullery (DFL-59A)
Phone: 651-296-4262 
E-mail: rep.joe.mullery@house.mn

Representative Jim Nash (R-47A)
Phone: 651-296-4282 
E-mail: rep.jim.nash@house.mn

Representative Tim O'Driscoll (R-13B)
Phone: 651-296-7808 
E-mail: rep.tim.odriscoll@house.mn

Representative Linda Runbeck (R-38A)
Phone: 651-296-2907 
E-mail: rep.linda.runbeck@house.mn

Representative Peggy Scott (R-35B)
Phone: 651-296-4231 
E-mail: rep.peggy.scott@house.mn

Representative Yvonne Selcer (DFL-48A)
Phone: 651-296-3964 
E-mail: rep.yvonne.selcer@house.mn

Representative Tama Theis (R-14A)
Phone: 651-296-6316 
E-mail: rep.tama.theis@house.mn

Representative Cheryl Youakim (DFL-46B)
Phone: 651-296-9889 
E-mail: rep.cheryl.youakim@house.mn 

Representative Jim Knoblach (R-14B)
Phone: 651-296-6612 
E-mail: rep.jim.knoblach@house.mn

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