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South Carolina: Pro-Gun Bills Advance out of Subcommittee

Friday, March 6, 2015

South Carolina: Pro-Gun Bills Advance out of Subcommittee

Yesterday, House Bill 3025 and House Bill 3116 advanced out of the General and Family Laws Subcommittee and now await full House Judiciary Committee consideration. House Bill 3306 still remains in the Subcommittee, pending consideration.  These three pro-gun bills need your help!  It is critical that you contact members of the General and Family Laws Subcommittee and the House Judiciary Committee immediately in support of these bills.

House Bill 3025, introduced by state Representative Alan Clemmons (R-107), would replace the current conditional reciprocity system for recognizing Right to Carry permits issued by other states with a straight recognition standard.  In other words, any valid permit issued by another state would automatically be recognized in South Carolina. 

House Bill 3116, introduced by state Representative Mike Pitts (R-14), is a “Fraudulent Firearms and Ammunition Purchase Prevention” bill, and strengthens the law prohibiting straw purchases of firearms and ammunition from federal firearms license holders.  Federal law already prohibits straw purchases, however South Carolina law is not strong enough on this topic. This bill is designed to help prevent individuals who are prohibited from purchasing firearms or ammunition in South Carolina from engaging others who are not prohibited into making the purchases for them.  It would also protect lawful firearm retailers from illegal gun sting operations such as those by anti-gun former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  While mayor, Bloomberg sent hired agents into other states to attempt illegal firearm purchases in an effort to blame federally licensed firearm retailers for gun crime in New York City and around the country. 

House Bill 3306, introduced by state Representative Garry Smith (R-27), would prohibit most businesses and public or private employers from establishing policies that prohibit law-abiding citizens from storing lawfully-owned firearms and/or ammunition out of sight within their locked motor vehicles. 

Please contact members of the General and Family Laws Subcommittee in support of HB 3306, and contact the House Judiciary Committee in support of all three pieces of legislation.  Urge members of the Committee to vote in SUPPORT of HB 3025, HB 3116 and HB 3306 when these pro-gun bills come before them.


House General and Family Laws Subcommittee:

Representative Peter McCoy (R-115), Chairman
(803) 212-6872

Representative Anne Thayer (R-9)
(803) 212-6889

Representative Donna Hicks (R-37)
(803) 212-6878

Representative Kirkman Finlay, III (R-75) 
(803) 212-6943

Representative Joe McEachern (D-77)
(803) 212-6875


House Judiciary Committee:

Representative F. Gregory Delleney, Jr. (R-43), Chairman
(803) 734-3120

Representative James E. Smith, Jr. (D-72), 1st Vice-Chair
(803) 734-2997

Representative Christopher J. Murphy (R-98), 2nd Vice-Chair
(803) 212-6925

Representative Bruce W. Bannister (R-24)
(803) 734-3138

Representative Beth E. Bernstein (D-78)
(803) 212-6940

Representative Norman D. Brannon (R-38)
(803) 212-6876

Representative Laurie Slade Funderburk (D-52) 
(803) 734-3044

Representative Stephen Goldfinch, Jr. (R-108)
(803) 212-6927

Representative Jenny Anderson Horne (R-94)
(803) 212-6871

Representative Ralph Shealy Kennedy, Jr. (R-39)
(803) 212-6938

Representative Walton J. McLeod (D-40)
(803) 734-3276

Representative Dennis C. Moss (R-29)
(803) 734-3073

Representative Wendy K. Nanney (R-22)
(803) 212-6877

Representative Wm. Weston J. Newton (R-120)
(803) 212-6810

Representative Mandy Powers Norrell (D-44)
(803) 212-6937

Representative Rick Quinn (R-69) 
(803) 212-6897

Representative J. Todd Rutherford (D-74) 
(803) 734-9441

Representative Edward R. Tallon, Sr. (R-33)
(803) 212-6893

Representative J. David Weeks (D-51)
(803) 734-3102

Representative J. Seth Whipper (D-113)
(803) 734-3191

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