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Maryland: House “Gun Day” to be Held on Tuesday, March 4

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, at 1:00 p.m., the Maryland House of Delegates is holding its annual “Gun Day” in Annapolis.  As previously reported, numerous pro-gun and anti-gun bills are scheduled to be heard and debated in the House Judiciary Committee at the following location:

Hearing Information
Tuesday, March 4 at 1:00 p.m.
Room 100, House Office Building

6 Bladen Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21401-1991

To ensure that the General Assembly understands that Maryland constituents are still watching and patiently waiting for Election Day, the NRA-ILA asks that members show up in full force and attend this House committee hearing to speak on pending legislation.  Your NRA-ILA hopes for your presence at this hearing, however, if you are unable to make it on Tuesday, please consider one of the following options to submit written testimony.  If you wish to submit written testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, 35 copies must be submitted to the committee clerk no later than 12:00 noon on Tuesday.  Copies must be submitted with the appropriate bill number on the front page and the name of the person and/or organization submitting the testimony.  You can also submit your testimony by Tuesday at 9:00 a.m., to Delegate Mike Smigiel’s office at delegatemikesmigiel@gmail.com, with the subject line reading “ATTN Andi: Written Testimony for Bill (Bill Number).”  The Delegate’s office has offered to make the necessary copies of all testimonies received.

For those wishing to speak at the committee hearing, 35 copies of your written testimony must be submitted to Committee staff before 12:00 noon on Tuesday.  All those wishing to testify must be signed-in before 12:45 p.m. in order to testify during the committee hearing.  More information on how to testify can be found here.

Help your NRA show that the Second Amendment isn’t going away in Maryland and neither are the law-abiding gun owners who defend it.  Around thirty bills are expected to be considered by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.  Of the legislation scheduled to be heard, those bills to follow closely include:

House Bill 42, sponsored by anti-gun Delegate Jon Cardin (D-11), would remove the "eighth day transfer."  It prohibits a licensed firearm dealer or other person from selling, renting or transferring a regulated firearm to a firearm applicant until the licensee or other person has received notice from the Secretary of State Police that the applicant's firearm application has been approved.  If passed and enacted, HB 42 would enable an indefinite waiting period for firearm sales and transfers in Maryland.

House Bill 818, sponsored by Delegate Michael D. Smigiel (R-36), is the NRA-ILA’s solution to the concerns expressed by dealers and secondary sellers regarding “eighth day transfers.”  It removes Maryland State Police from “middle man” status for NICS checks, and allows gun dealers to perform the NICS check immediately upon application for sale or transfer, just as they currently do for long gun sales.

House Bill 60, sponsored by Delegate Smigiel, seeks to repeal the “Firearm Safety Act of 2013” (SB 281).  The most egregious attack on Second Amendment rights in Maryland history.

House Bill 94, sponsored by Delegate Sam Arora (D-19), bans the 3D printing of firearms and magazines.

House Bill 122, sponsored by Delegate Kevin Kelly (D-1B), clarifies the transport provisions of the “Firearm Safety Act of 2013” with regards to now-banned firearms.

House Bill 659, sponsored by Delegate Kathy Szeliga (R-7), clarifies the transport provisions for non-Maryland residents traveling through the state in possession of a handgun.

It is important that you attend the Maryland House Gun Day on Tuesday, March 4.  We urge you to bring your family, friends and fellow Second Amendment supporters in order to help protect your rights in the Old Line State.  If you are unable to attend, please contact committee members and urge them to OPPOSE all gun control bills and SUPPORT all legislation that would protect the Second Amendment rights of Maryland gun owners.  Contact information for members of the House Judiciary Committee is provided below.


House Judiciary Committee:

Delegate Joseph F. Vallario, Jr.(D-27A), Chairman
(410) 841-3488
Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais(D-15), Vice-Chairman
(410) 841-3052
Delegate Curtis Stovall (Curt) Anderson (D-43)
(410) 841-3291
Delegate Sam Arora (D-19)
(410) 841-3528
Delegate Jill P. Carter (D-41)
(410) 841-3268
Delegate Luke H. Clippinger (D-46)
(410) 841-3303
Delegate John W. E. Cluster, Jr. (R-8)
(410) 841-3526
Delegate Frank M. Conaway, Jr. (D-40)
(410) 841-3189
Delegate Glen Glass (R-34A)
(410) 841-3280
Delegate Michael J. Hough (R-3B)
(410) 841-3472
Delegate Kevin Kelly (D-1B)
(410) 841-3404
Delegate Susan C. Lee (D-16)
(410) 841-3649
Delegate Susan K. McComas (R-35B)
(410) 841-3272
Delegate Michael A. McDermott (R-38B)
(410) 841-3431
Delegate Neil C. Parrott (R-2B)
(410) 841-3636
Delegate Samuel I. (Sandy) Rosenberg (D-41)
(410) 841-3297
Delegate Luiz R.S. Simmons (D-17)
(410) 841-3037
Delegate Michael D. Smigiel, Sr. (R-36)
(410) 841-3555
Delegate Darren M. Swain (D-24)
(410) 841-3692
Delegate Kriselda Valderrama (R-26)
(410) 841-3210
Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith (D-23A)
(410) 841-3101
Delegate Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher (D-18)
(410) 841-3130

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