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President Obama Cited by PolitiFact for "Lie of the Year"

Friday, December 13, 2013

Oops.  It may be too late for many Americans, but one self-styled media watchdog is finally catching up to a reality that others have understood for a long time:  We cannot take our president at his word.  Though the competition was fierce, what with all the gun control initiatives floating around this year, President Obama managed to clinch PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year" dishonors with this whopper:  "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it."  The Affordable Care Act, informally known as Obamacare, is considered by many to define Barack Obama's presidency.  If he should know the facts about anything, this should be it.

Look, we have no position on Obamacare.  We hope all Americans take good care of their health and have access to healthcare when they need it, however it makes the most sense to them.

We point this out only to say that bland reassurances by the president should not be taken at face value, especially when the mainstream media's scrutiny of his claims tends to be either non-existent or too late to matter.

For over five years, President Obama has been telling America he supports the right to bear arms.  Yet as we've reported throughout that time, his actions--past and present--all indicate a radically different view.

Most recently, President Obama has been pushing for "universal" background checks.  As we've noted again and again, this sets the stage for universal registration, which in turn sets the stage for crippling taxation or confiscation.

Some thought the idea of a national health care law was impossible.  For better or for worse, they were wrong.  Yet whatever one may think of Obamacare, nobody can deny "the impossible" was in that case achieved in part through deception.

Some will tell you the disarming of America is impossible.  We're fighting to ensure they're right. But any effort to make it happen must also involve deception.

So when the president tells you he only wants "universal" background checks, and if you like your gun, you can keep it, consider his track record, and don't say you weren't warned.

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