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Outrage of the Week: Do as I Say, Not as I Do--NY Elitists Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg Think Their Safety is More Important than Yours

Friday, November 22, 2013

Outgoing New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly has long been anti-gun.  And, as a minion of anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he is, naturally, an outspoken proponent of Bloomberg's gun control initiatives and agenda.  But guess what?  When he leaves office and reverts back to just being an "average citizen," Kelly wants for himself, what he would quickly deny to you:  Self-defense in the form of armed protection. 

According to a NYmag.com article, Kelly has requested a team of six NYPD detectives to keep him and his family safe back in civilian life.  And get this:  it's reported that each detective would make $120,000 a year, and the taxpayers--the very ones he wants unarmed--will be required to pick up the entire bill! 

According to a Huffington Post article, Kelly says he needs the taxpayer-funded, round-the-clock protection because he's a "high profile target," and requested the contingent of detectives to shepherd him around town and protect him and his family during their travels so they can be safe.  But he would deny that same option of self-protection and safety to you.  By the way, Kelly's request is not typical; only one other person in his position has taken a city-funded detail after leaving the post.

Kelly's elitist, self-serving request is similar in hypocrisy to Bloomberg's own post-service preparations.  The Mayor, the article reports, has decided to take virtually his entire entourage of 17 officers with him to provide armed protection for him when he leaves office.  According to the article, those officers will all file for immediate retirement, collect their pensions, and head off to work for the billionaire ex-mayor, who will be paying each of them $150,000 a year! 

Talk about a double standard!  Is your life, your safety and the safety of your family any less important than these two elitists?  Apparently they think so, and that's outrageous.

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