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Urgent Action is Needed by California’s Firearm Owners

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Several anti-gun bills are close to passage and may be enacted into law

without your immediate help!

Senate Bill 249, California's worst gun ban/confiscation bill in twenty years, has been removed from this Thursday’s state Assembly Appropriations Committee agenda.  Please continue to call AND e-mail the members of the state Assembly Appropriations Committee to ensure this bill stays off the committee agenda.  In addition to contacting members of the Assembly Appropriations committee, please also contact your Assemblyman and state Senator in opposition to SB 249. 


Senate Bill 1221, which is in the state Assembly Appropriations suspense file, is still expected to be heard this Thursday.

Senate Bill 1221 – Hunting Ban

SB 1221 would ban hunting bears and bobcats with dogs.  Hunting with dogs is a tradition that continues to be practiced across the country.  Many dog breeds with select characteristics for hunting can be traced back for thousands of years.  Seventeen states allow bear hunting with dogs.

Please contact members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee TODAY and respectfully urge them to OPPOSE SB 1221.


Unfortunately, anti-gun Senate Bill 1315 passed in the Assembly yesterday by a vote of 47 to 28 and will now go to the Governor.  Please contact Governor Jerry Brown and urge him to VETO SB 1315.   Governor Jerry Brown can be reached at 916-445-2841 and by e-mail here.

Let the Governor know that SB 1315 is just a stepping stone to completely destroying California’s firearms preemption law.  Such firearms preemption laws are in place to standardize firearm laws across the state.  SB 1315 would authorize Los Angeles County to enact and enforce an ordinance that is stricter than state law regarding the manufacture, sale, possession or use of any BB device, toy gun, replica of a firearm or other device that is so substantially similar in coloration and overall appearance to an existing firearm as to lead a reasonable person to perceive that the device is a firearm and that expels a projectile that is no more than 16 millimeters in diameter.

Senate Bill 1315 – Local Regulation of Firearms


On the Senate floor for final considerationPlease contact your state Senator IMMEDIATELY and respectfully urge him or her to OPPOSE AB 1527, AB 2333, AB 2460 and AJR 45.  Contact information for your state Senator can be found here.

Assembly Bill 1527 – Open Carry Ban (of unloaded long gun)

Assembly Bill 2333 – Liability for negligent storage of BB, airsoft and other toy guns

Assembly Bill 2460 – Ban of Law Enforcement Transfer of Firearms

Assembly Joint Resolution 45 – Reinstatement of Federal Assault Weapons Ban


On the Assembly floor for final consideration:  Please contact your Assemblyman and respectfully urge him or her to OPPOSE SB 1366.  Contact information can be found here.

Senate Bill 1366 – Lost and Stolen Reporting of Firearms


The following bill is pending in the state Senate Rules Committee.  Please contact the members of this committee and urge them to OPPOSE AB 2512.  The contact information for the committee can be found here.

Assembly Bill 2512 – large capacity ammunition magazine ban


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