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Pro-Gun Legislation on the Move in Arizona Legislature!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As session continues in Phoenix, numerous pro-gun bills are continuing to advance in the legislature.  We expect action in the near future on several of these bills, including constitutional carry legislation (SB1108/HB2347), the Right to Hunt and Fish Constitutional Amendment (HCR2008) and a bill to prohibit the registration of firearms (HB2629).

These bills all need your active support if they are going to be enacted into law.

Constitutional Carry to be Heard Any Day Now

Senate Bill 1108/House Bill 2347 could be voted on as early as tomorrow, so please continue contacting your State Representatives and urge them to support SB 1108 and HB 2347.  Contact information can be found here.

Currently, under Arizona law it is generally legal to carry a firearm openly as long as you are 18 years of age and not prohibited from possessing a firearm.  However, if the firearm becomes covered, say with a coat, or if you are a woman and prefer to carry your firearm in your purse, you need to possess a concealed carry permit.  The intent of this legislation is to give people the greatest possible freedom to choose the best method of carry for them.  SB1108 would generally allow law-abiding persons to carry for self-defense without a permit.  

Arizona’s constitution, Article 2, Section 26 clearly states that “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired…”  The intention of this language could not be clearer.

Right to Hunt and Fish Passes Senate Committee

HCR 2008, the Right to Hunt and Fish Constitutional Amendment, will now move to the Senate Rules Committee and Caucus of the Whole (COW) later this week.

If passed and approved by the voters, HCR 2008 would make Arizona one of nearly a dozen states with such a constitutional protection.  Please continue contacting your State Senator and respectfully urge him or her to help guarantee Arizonans' hunting heritage by supporting HCR2008.  Contact information can be found here.

Gun Registration Ban Clarification Amendment Adopted
in Senate Committee

Recently, NRA has added a strike-all amendment to House Bill 2629.  This NRA-backed bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, April 5 by a vote of six to one. 

HB 2629, as amended, was added after we learned that Mojave County was registering guns when someone would check their firearm at a government building.  These government buildings were recording owner information and serial numbers of firearms.  This is unacceptable.  HB 2629 will make the current actions of Mojave County illegal, and if they continue to illegally register guns, it will allow a private citizen to bring suit against the county.

Please contact your State Senator and respectfully urge him or her to support HB 2629.  Contact information can be found here. 

Please keep checking your email and our website at www.NRAILA.org for further updates on these bills.

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