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North Carolina Anti-Gun Database Bill Still Alive!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Senate Judiciary II Committee decided not to hear House Bill 1287 on Friday, July 27.  However, the bill is still alive- it could be heard at anytime as the Committee will be in session through the weekend.  Please contact the members of the committee ASAP and respectfully urge them to oppose HB1287.

Currently, the permit to purchase process allows sheriffs to deny a permit not just to people statutorily prohibited from purchasing or possessing a pistol, but also allows denials for random, arbitrary reasons.  For instance, a permit applicant must not only be free of any statutory disqualifications for purchasing or possessing any firearm--including pistols--but he or she must also prove to the sheriff "by affidavits, oral evidence, or otherwise, as to the good moral character of the applicant." It is this vague standard where problems arise. A sheriff could deny a permit simply because he or she feels the individual should not possess a pistol, for whatever reason.  Allowing sheriffs to deny a permit to purchase a pistol for anything other than clearly defined standards is contrary to the protections that are constitutionally enshrined.

Not only would HB1287 establish a new database where arbitrary denials are entered, but the information would remain in the new database for eight (8) years. An individual who has been arbitrarily denied a permit to purchase would have that cloud hanging over him or her every time he or she applies for a permit, even if that person moves to a new county where the sheriff does not have a problem with people possessing handguns for lawful purposes. The new sheriff would still see the applicant was once denied a permit, and may deny based on that little bit of information.

Please contact the members of the committee ASAP and respectfully urge them to oppose HB1287.


Senator Fletcher R Hartsell, Jr. (R-36)
(919) 733-7223

Senator Austin M. Allran (R-42)
(919) 733-5876

Senator Doug Berger (D-7)
(919) 715-8363

Senator Ed Jones (D-4)
(919) 715-3032

Senator Tom Apodaca (R-48)
(919) 733-5745

Senator Bob Atwater (D-18)
(919) 715-3036

Senator Stan Bingham (R-33)
(919) 733-5665

Senator Walter H. Dalton (D-46)
(919) 715-3038

Senator Charlie Smith Dannelly (D-38)
(919) 733-5955

Senator Katie Dorset (D-28)
(919) 715-3042

Senator Don East (R-30)
(919) 733-5743

Senator Eddie Goodall (R-35)
(919) 733-7659

Senator Jim Jacumin (R-44)
(919) 715-7823

Senator John H. Kerr III (D-5)
(919) 733-5621

Senator Joe Sam Queen (D-47)
(919) 733-3460

Senator John Snow (D-50)
(919) 733-5875

Senator A. B. Swindell (D-11)
(919) 715-3030

To find further contact information or help identifying your legislators
please use the
"Write Your Representative" feature found at www.NRAILA.org.

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