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Illinois Anti-Gun Efforts Fading, But Still Alive

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Illinois General Assembly is now in overtime, having failed to complete all of its business by May 31.  

This means the hopes of anti-gun extremists to pass attacks on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms have faded considerably.  Although the greatest pending threat,
Senate Bill 1007 introduced by State Senator Dan Kotowski (D-33), is technically still viable, it would seem unlikely this bill can muster the 3/5 majority it now needs for passage. 

As you know, this bill seeks to ban the manufacture, possession, delivery, sale, and purchase of standard capacity ammunition magazines capable of holding more than ten (10) cartridges, as well as certain firearms with tubular magazines.

NRA will continue to aggressively lobby Illinois lawmakers during this overtime period to ensure the gun-ban lobby and its supporters do not revive this, or any other anti-gun legislation.  We can anticipate those opposed to the Second Amendment will do whatever possible to try to salvage a so-far failed legislative session, so stay tuned for any updates or calls to action.

To find further contact information or help identifying your legislators
please use the
"Write Your Representative" feature found at www.NRAILA.org.

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