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Manufacturers Support Lawsuit Preemption

Friday, June 6, 2003

In a letter to U.S. Senators dated June 2, and posted on its website, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) noted in no uncertain terms, its support for S. 659-the Senate reckless lawsuit preemption bill.

Michael Baroody, NAM`s Executive Vice President, wrote in his letter, "On behalf of the 14,000 member companies of the National Association of Manufacturers, I ask you to cosponsor S. 659...[which] will help to forestall lawsuits that are brought with the intent of shutting down a legitimate and legal industry, as opposed to those that are brought to right a genuine wrong. Recently, entities including municipal governments and other parties that have failed to curtail the lawful sale and use of firearms through the legislative process have filed lawsuits designed to cripple, if not close down, the industry. The NAM does not usually become involved in legislation affecting a single sector. But, this ‘regulation by litigation` threatens all businesses because it is designed to get around the democratic process and to pursue social goals with respect to an industry through judicial fiat. It is a certainty that other businesses will be the next target if these groups succeed in misusing the courts against the firearms industry."

Please continue to contact your U.S. Senators in support of S. 659. You can call your U.S. Senators at (202) 224-3121. You may also use the "Write Your Representatives" tool for more contact information. Also, please continue to contact your U.S. Representative in opposition to H.R. 2038 and your U.S. Senators in opposition to S. 1034 (bills seeking to keep alive and expand the 1994 Clinton gun ban). You can call your U.S. Representative at (202) 225-3121. You may also use the "Write Your Representatives" tool for additional contact information.

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