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Right to Carry and Local Preemption Move To Governor`s Desk In Colorado

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Thanks to all of your hard work and phone calls, last week was a triumphant one for Colorado gun owners. On Friday, the Colorado House approved both Senate Bill 24, sponsored by Senator Ken Chlouber (R-04) and Representative Al White (R-57), and Senate Bill 25, sponsored by Senator Jim Dyer (R-26). SB 24 establishes a statewide "shall issue" Right to Carry system, and SB 25 preempts local guns laws, including the both the Denver and Colorado Springs gun registries and the Denver assault weapons law. Both bills will now be sent to the Governor’s desk for approval. Thank you to all the legislators who supported this common-sense legislation. After a long fought battle, this is a well-deserved victory for Colorado’s law-abiding citizens!

To see how your representative voted on Right to Carry, click here. 

To see how your representative voted on Local Preemption, click here


Summary of SB 24 & SB 25

SB 25

Requires cities that ban the open carry of firearms to post the specific places where guns are prohibited

Allows people to carry guns within reach in vehicles, which currently banned in Denver

Prohibits localities from maintaining databases of firearm purchasers

Overturns local fireams laws, including Denver`s assault weapons ban

SB 24

Sets statewide standards for issuing conceal-carry permits

Requires sheriffs to issue conceal-carry permits to law-abiding citizens who pass a background check and safety course.  The current system allows them to deny permits based on their own judgement

Sets maximum fees that localities may charge for permits

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