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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 30, No. 8 2/27/2023

Chicago Criminals Take Note: Mayor Lightfoot has a Crime Plan
Chicago Criminals Take Note: Mayor Lightfoot has a Crime Plan
“You wouldn’t know it by watching the news or listening to the haters. But on crime, Mayor Lightfoot’s got a plan.” At least, that’s what a commercial touting Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot and her campaign for reelection would have you believe.  Lightfoot is running for a second term in a tight mayoral race that culminates on February 28, with a potential April 4 run-off. 
Credit Card Company Seeks to “Discover” (and Report) Your Gun-Related Purchases
Credit Card Company Seeks to “Discover” (and Report) Your Gun-Related Purchases
What’s in your wallet? If it’s a Discover credit card, be advised that it will soon be used to monitor your gun-related purchases and potentially report them to the government. Earlier this month, Discover was the first major credit card issuer to announce that it will implement a new merchant category code (MCC) created to track purchases at gun stores with the express purpose of monitoring and reporting to authorities any activity the company considers “suspicious.” Discover told news outlet Reuters that it would begin its surveillances of gun shop purchases in April.
David Hogg Believes He Knows More About 2A Than the Supreme Court
David Hogg Believes He Knows More About 2A Than the Supreme Court
We don’t really talk that much about David Hogg anymore, as he no longer seems to be the darling of the anti-gun movement he once was; although one might argue he was never much more than a suitable tool for those determined to undermine the Second Amendment. Maybe the anti-self-defense crowd finally began to realize, as we did when he first began his campaign against our right to arms, that he is little more than an ill-informed, self-obsessed attention-seeker.
Pro-Discrimination, End-Game Gun Control Introduced in California
Pro-Discrimination, End-Game Gun Control Introduced in California
California is a laboratory for oppressive and ineffective gun control. And, for the most part, the proponents of these measures have kept up the charade that they are aimed at reducing crime, accidents, or suicides. But now some activists are becoming emboldened to drop the pretense and to admit they simply want to do away with guns entirely. California Senate Bill 637 is a case in point. It is the sort of end-stage gun control that doesn’t even attempt to distinguish between the bad actors and the law-abiding and simply seeks to suppress firearm-related activity as such. The point of the bill, introduced by Sen. Dave Min (D-37), is nothing less than to end firearm-related commerce in the Golden State.
14 Acres of Guns & Gear!

14 Acres of Guns & Gear!
Join us April 14 - 16, 2023 in Indianapolis, IN for the event of the year! The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is the only event of its kind where you can see all the major firearms and accessory manufacturers under one roof. 


California California
California: Committee Considering Banning Body Armor & Increasing Firearm Marking Violation Penalties
Colorado Colorado
Colorado: Senate’s Anti-Gun Majority Unveil Gun Control Package
Florida Florida
Florida: House Judiciary Passes Constitutional Carry
Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii: House Finance Hearing Carry Restriction Bill
Iowa Iowa
Iowa: Safer Families Act Introduced
Michigan Michigan
Michigan: Gun Control Hearings As Early As Tomorrow
Nebraska Nebraska
Nebraska: Constitutional Carry Floor Debate on Wednesday
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Hampshire: House Defeats Three Anti-Gun Bills
New Mexico New Mexico
New Mexico: Significant Action Expected on Gun Control Bills in Santa Fe on Monday!
North Carolina North Carolina
North Carolina: House Passes Permit-to-Purchase Repeal
South Carolina South Carolina
South Carolina House Passes Constitutional Carry
Tennessee Tennessee
Tennessee: House Committee to Vote on Pro-Gun Bills this Wednesday
Texas Texas
Texas State Rep. Files Bill to Protect Gun Purchase Privacy
West Virginia West Virginia
West Virginia: House Passes Campus Self-Defense Act
Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming: Preemption Bill Up for a House Floor Vote

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