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New Hampshire: House to Vote on Anti-Gun Bills

Monday, March 9, 2020

New Hampshire: House to Vote on Anti-Gun Bills

This week, the House of Representatives is scheduled to hold floor votes on a number of anti-gun bills that will directly impact your rights and do nothing to stop violent crime.

Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state representative and urge them to OPPOSE House Bills 1349, 1350, 1374, 1608, 1285, 1143, and 1115.

House Bill 1349 uses your taxpayer dollars to establish a committee to create anti-gun propaganda to further erode the rights of law-abiding individuals by mandating strict, one-size-fits-all storage requirements.

House Bill 1350 mandates that any firearm transfer, including temporary transfers, include a firearm safety device. As drafted, this creates absurd outcomes, such as requiring a gun lock or safe to be included when someone simply borrows a firearm at the shooting range or while out hunting.

House Bill 1374 repeals current New Hampshire law which prohibits state agencies from operating “voluntary surrender and destroy” programs for voluntarily surrendered firearms. Currently, state agencies are required to sell these firearms at public auction or keep them for their own use.

House Bill 1608 bans the manufacture, possession, transfer, sale, purchase, receipt, or import of magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition for a hand gun and 10 rounds of ammunition for a long gun, with limited exemptions.

House Bill 1285, as amended, prohibits law-abiding citizens carrying firearms for self-defense from going on school grounds, except when picking-up or dropping-off students, and only if the firearm remains in their vehicle, or is otherwise authorized by the school board.

House Bill 1143 repeals limited liability for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers of firearms and ammunition.

House Bill 1115 prohibits the discharge of a firearm within 900 feet of a nonresidential, commercial building without prior approval from the landowner. The bill also gives more authority to cities and towns to prohibit the use of firearms on “other property used for public recreational use.”

Again, please click the “Take Action” button above to contact your state representative in OPPOSITION to House Bills 1349, 1350, 1374, 1608, 1285, 1143, and 1115.

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