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New Hampshire: Committees to Vote on Anti-Gun Bills

Monday, March 2, 2020

New Hampshire: Committees to Vote on Anti-Gun Bills

This week, multiple legislative committees are scheduled to consider anti-gun bills. Each of these bills are unnecessary attempts to create further restrictions on your Second Amendment rights.

Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact committee members and ask them to stand with you by OPPOSING House Bills 1608, 1374, 1115, and 1143. The button will direct you through multiple committee actions so be sure to click it through.

House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee

House bill 1608 bans the manufacture, possession, transfer, sale, purchase, receipt, or import of magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition for a hand gun and greater than 10 rounds of ammunition for a long gun, with limited exemptions. These so called “large capacity” magazines are in fact standard equipment for commonly-owned firearms that many Americans legally and effectively use for an entire range of legitimate purposes, such as self-defense or competition.

House Bill 1374 repeals current New Hampshire law which prohibits state agencies from operating “voluntary surrender and destroy” programs for voluntarily surrendered firearms. Currently, state agencies are required to sell these firearms at public auction or keep them for their own use. Proceeds from the sale of these firearms are deposited in the general fund. This bill would open the door for state agencies to destroy surrendered firearms, waste taxpayer money, and undermine public safety.

House Municipal and County Government Committee

House Bill 1115 prohibits the discharge of a firearm within 900 feet of a nonresidential, commercial building without prior approval from the landowner. The bill also gives more authority to cities and towns to prohibit the use of firearms on “other property used for public recreational use.” This could result in a de facto ban on hunting and target shooting in areas where it is currently lawful to do so. While the NRA condemns negligent discharge of a firearm, the proposed change will only negatively impact law-abiding hunters and gun owners in the area.  

House Judiciary Committee

House Bill 1143 repeals limited liability for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers of firearms and ammunition. This bill burdens the firearm industry with frivolous litigation for criminal misuse of their products by third parties: something entirely out of their control. It is a direct assault on the Second Amendment and the laws designed to protect and keep the right to bear arms.

Again, please click each of the above “Take Action” buttons to contact committee members in opposition to House Bills 1608, 1374, 1115, and 1143.

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