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Oregon: Anti-Gun Bills Moving In Committees

Monday, February 10, 2020

Oregon: Anti-Gun Bills Moving In Committees

On February 12th, the House Committee on Judiciary will vote on House Bill 4005 to impose one-size-fits-all standards for firearm storage. Also, the Senate Committee on Judiciary will be holding a public hearing on Senate Bill 1538 to allow localities to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding CHL holders. 

February 12th at 8AM in HR 50
900 Court St. NE
Salem, OR 97301

The committee will not be taking public testimony at this hearing, so it's important that you use the “Take Action” button to contact committee members and voice your opposition to these bills. The button will redirect you to a second committee action, so be sure to click through that one as well.

House Bill 4005 is a firearm storage bill that mandates the same egregious provisions from SB 978, which failed to pass last year. HB 4005 requires all firearms to be locked with a trigger-locking device or kept in a locked container, unless carried, with each firearm not secured constituting a separate violation. Anyone who has their firearms lost or stolen would be strictly liable for any injury to persons or property if the firearms were not stored in compliance with the law. Gun safety and storage is a matter of personal responsibility and every person’s situation is different. It is unreasonable for the law to impose a one-size-fits-all solution. In short, this measure invades people’s homes and forces them to render their firearms useless in self-defense or become criminals.

Senate Bill 1538 abolishes Oregon's state firearms preemption statute by allowing local governments and schools to restrict the lawful carry of firearms on the premises by CHL holders. Current law ensures that those living and traveling throughout Oregon are subject to uniform state statutes wherever they are.

Again, please be sure to click through the “Take Action” button to contact both committees and ask them to OPPOSE these bills.

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