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Illinois: Committee Rules May Shut Down Gun Stores

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Illinois: Committee Rules May Shut Down Gun Stores

The Illinois state Joint Committee on Administrative Rules is in the process of imposing an additional, onerous layer of state licensing on federally licensed firearm dealers (Senate Bill 337). The proposed rules could potentially strangle your local gun stores with government red tape. Public comments against such oppression are due by October 7th. Please contact the committee and urge them not to shut down small businesses with political garbage that doesn’t increase public safety.

While the purported intent of this law was to enhance responsible business practices,” its true intention is to shut down as many federally licensed firearm dealers (FFLs) as possible. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) already licenses and closely monitors all FFLs, while strictly enforcing any violation of federal law. SB 337 is not only unnecessary, but it expands mandatory regulations and red tape in order to force the closure of most firearm dealers (and prevent prospective owners from opening new ones).

For example, the proposed rules would require licensed firearm dealers to install security systems rivaling those of most FDIC-insured banks and casinos. Another particularly expensive proposal would require the installation of license plate-reading cameras in parking lots 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That would not only require each dealer, regardless of how small the business, to purchase and install expensive high definition cameras complete with night vision or strong lighting. Expensive storage for the video data would be required as well, assuming such bandwidth is even available within our smaller communities.

After stoking hostility to the Second Amendment among larger national retailers, these same politicians are now hoping to shutter the smaller, independently owned businesses within our local community. By forcing local gun shops to collapse under the weight of government red tape, Senate Bill 337 would ultimately put commonly used firearms and ammunition out of reach for many law-abiding citizens, especially in rural areas.

Please contact the committee and tell them enough is enough. Do not let them curb your freedoms by putting your local gun stores out of business.

Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
Co-Chairman Sen. Don Harmon 217-782-8176
Co-Chairman Rep. Keith Wheeler 217-782-1486
Sen. Kimberly Lightford 217-782-8505
Sen. Tony Munoz 217-782-9415
Sen. Sue Rezin 217-782-3840
Sen. Paul Schimpf 217-782-8137
Sen. Chuck Weaver 217-782-1942
Rep. Tom Demmer 217-782-0535
Rep. Mike Halpin 217-782-3835
Rep. Frances Ann Hurley 217-782-8200
Rep. Steven Reick 217-782-1717
Rep. Andre Thapedi 217-782-1702

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