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Maine: Gun Bills Head to Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee

Monday, May 6, 2019

Maine: Gun Bills Head to Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee

On May 10th, the Maine Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will hold public hearings on a self-defense bill along with numerous anti-gun bills.  It is critical that committee members hear from NRA members and Second Amendment supporters like you!  If you are able to do so, please attend these hearings in Room 436 of the State House at 9:00 AM on May 10th in order to oppose gun control.

In addition, please contact committee members and urge them to SUPPORT LD 533 and OPPOSE LD’s 379, 516, 747, 810, 869, 1033, 1071, 1099, 1276, and 1569.  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact committee members.

Pro Self-Defense Legislation:

Legislative Document 533, sponsored by Representative John Andrews (R-73), is a Stand Your Ground measure that would strengthen Mainers’ fundamental right to self-defense anywhere they are legally allowed to be.  Victims of violent crime who respond with defensive force while protecting themselves or their loved ones should not have to face the additional threat of criminal or civil prosecution.  If enacted, law-abiding citizens would no longer be required to retreat before defending themselves.

Anti-Gun Legislation:

Legislative Document 379, sponsored by Representative Victoria Doudera (D-94), would impose a one-size-fits-all, government mandated firearm storage requirement that would impair the ability of law-abiding Mainers to access firearms in the home to defend themselves and their families.  A violation of this bill would be punishable as a Class D crime and would apply broadly to anyone in any place without limiting the restriction to just the owner or person in control of the firearm.  The bill would also burden firearm dealers by mandating that they post a warning notice on their premises of these restrictions.  

Legislative Document 516, sponsored by Representative Heidi Brooks (D-61), would direct the Commissioner of Public Safety to administer a statewide voluntary firearm collection day, and to establish a voluntary firearm collection program administered by the Bureau of the State Police.  The bill would compel disclosure of personal information of individuals turning in firearms, and places no restrictions on how the police may use this information.  

Legislative Document 747, sponsored by Representative Barbara Cardone (D-127), would effectively criminalize the private transfer of firearms, with no exceptions even for antique firearms or replicas.  

Legislative Document 810, sponsored by Senator David Miramant (D-12), would impose similar language that Maine voters rejected in Question 3 in 2016 to criminalize the private transfer of firearms.  This bill is even more restrictive than Question 3 and would require that the borrower remain in the “actual presence” of the firearm provider at all times, even in the case of a temporary transfer.  

Legislative Document 869, sponsored by Representative Mattea Daughtry (D-49), is still a concept draft that includes no detail on the specific gun control measures being proposed by the sponsor.  

Legislative Document 1033, sponsored by Representative Anne Perry (D-140), is another one-size-fits-all firearm storage bill that has little to do with making children safer and everything to do with making it safer to be a criminal.  

Legislative Document 1071, sponsored by Rep. Cardone, would define most standard capacity magazines as “high capacity” if they can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition and make it a Class D crime to sell or supply them, unless one has “the authority to do so.”  

Legislative Document 1099, sponsored by Senator Brownie Carson (D-24), would delay Second Amendment rights by imposing a 72-hour waiting period before an individual may receive firearms that they purchase.  

Legislative Document 1276, sponsored by Senator Linda Sanborn (D-30), would essentially ban the private transfer of firearms.  This bill would prohibit private transfers at gun shows or resulting from advertising or marketing, with no exceptions for family members.  

Legislative Document 1569, sponsored by Representative Lois Reckitt (D-31), would essentially end the centuries old practice of home manufacturing firearms for personal use.  It would require serial numbers be applied to firearms in a manner requiring equipment that hobbyists do not usually have and cannot afford, and that federal regulations only require from licensed manufacturers.  

Again, please click the “Take Action” button above to urge committee members to SUPPORT LD 533, and OPPOSE LD’s 379, 516, 747, 810, 869, 1033, 1071, 1099, 1276, and 1569.  NRA members and Second Amendment supporters who wish to attend the 9:00AM hearing on May 10th may find details below.

9:00 AM on May 10th
State House Room 436
210 State Street
Augusta, ME 04330

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