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Delaware: Multiple Gun Control Bills Introduced in the General Assembly

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Delaware: Multiple Gun Control Bills Introduced in the General Assembly

Today, the Delaware Senate saw the introduction of multiple gun control bills, including gun bans, magazine bans, and requiring a permit to purchase.  It is important that you immediately start contacting your state Senator and strongly urge them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 68, Senate Bill 69 and Senate Bill 70.

Senate Bill 68 seeks to outright ban the possession, purchase, manufacture, or sale of the most commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms in Delaware with limited exceptions.  These firearms are popularly owned and used for self-defense, target shooting and hunting.  This legislation was also introduced last year at the behest of Governor Carney and relentlessly pushed by anti-gun legislators.  Thankfully, it failed in 2018 after NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters continuously urged their lawmakers to oppose it.  This year, NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters will need to continue contacting their legislators if they want to repeat the same success.

Senate Bill 69 would impose a requirement that individuals obtain training and a permit in order to purchase a firearm in Delaware.  Not only does this place another arbitrary hurdle on what is a Constitutionally-guaranteed right, it is a dangerous practice that could slow an individual’s ability to purchase a firearm for self-defense when they need it most.  SB 69 is an egregious attempt to create more avenues to deny someone their Second Amendment rights, including discriminating against those who are financially less fortunate.

Senate Bill 70 would outright ban the possession, purchase, sale, and manufacture, of any magazine that can hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition.  Further, all currently covered magazines would need to be relinquished by June 30, 2020.  Legislation like this only affects law-abiding gun owners, because criminals will not abide by it.  These bills prevent gun owners from being able to defend themselves using the most effective means possible.

Again, it is more important than ever that NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters begin contacting their Senator and strongly urging them to OPPOSE Senate Bills 68, 69 and 70.  Please also stay-tuned to NRA-ILA alerts for more information.

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