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Washington: Committee Deadline For Bills Passes

Monday, February 25, 2019

Washington: Committee Deadline For Bills Passes

Friday, February 22nd, was the deadline for all bills to advance out of committee.  Bills which have advanced will be considered by their respective full chambers for floor votes.  Bills which failed to advance have likely been defeated for this year.


The Substitute to Senate Bill 5062, sponsored by Senator Patty Kuderer (D-48), and House Bill 1068, sponsored by Representative Javier Valdez (D-46), were filed at the request of Attorney General Bob Ferguson.  SB 5062 would ban the possession of ammunition magazines with a capacity greater than 10 and HB 1068  would ban those greater than 15.  They would encompass the standard capacity magazines for many handguns and rifles commonly owned by law-abiding citizens for self-defense.

Senate Bill 5174, sponsored by Senator Guy Palumbo (D-1), would increase the government red tape that law-abiding adults must go through in order to obtain a Concealed Pistol License by requiring a mandatory training course. 

The Substitute to Senate Bill 5434, sponsored by Senator Claire Wilson (D-30), would increase the areas where law-abiding citizens are prohibited from possessing firearms, including holders of a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) carrying a handgun for self-defense.  It would allow local governments to make public parks and recreational facilities into “gun-free zones” where law-abiding citizens would be unable to defend themselves and their loved ones against criminals who simply ignore such arbitrary boundaries.  In addition, it would mandate that child care facilities be “gun-free zones” and post signs indicating so.

Senate Bill 5143, sponsored by Senator Manka Dhingra (D-45), and House Bill 1225, sponsored by Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-27), would require law-enforcement to seize firearms and ammunition when they are called to the scene of an alleged domestic violence incident and hold them for at least five business days.  This would result in property being confiscated without first going through due process and subjecting citizens to bureaucratic red tape to get their property returned. 

Senate Bill 5027, sponsored by Senator David Frockt (D-46), would expand Washington’s existing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO).  It would affirm that the ERPO can be issued against minors while also infringing upon the self-defense rights of law-abiding parents or others in the household without due process.  

Senate Bill 5745, sponsored by Senator Marko Liias (D-21), would expand Washington’s existing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) to allow Second Amendment rights to be suspended for individuals alleged to make certain threats by third party accusers with little, if any, real evidence and limited “due process” for the respondent.  Hearings for the orders would be ex parte, where the respondent would not be present to challenge the accuser and defend against allegations made against them.  The issuance of an order would immediately prohibit the respondent from exercising their Second Amendment rights.  The Right to Keep and Bear Arms should not be treated as a second-class right and should only be restricted consistent with the constitutional requirements of due process.

Senate Bill 5181, sponsored by Senator Kuderer, would suspend Second Amendment rights without due process for six months from individuals who are admitted for a 72-hour mental health evaluation, but who are not subsequently involuntarily committed.

Failed to Advance:

House Bill 1346, sponsored by Representative Gerry Pollet (D-46), would make it illegal to sell, transfer, give, or otherwise make available ammunition that is not certified as “nonlead” to anyone under the age of 21, with the exception of ammunition given by a parent or guardian.  This would encompass the vast majority of ammunition available on the market commonly used for target shooting, self-defense, and many types of hunting.  It would essentially limit young adults under the age of 21 to very expensive, specialty ammunition that may not even be manufactured in certain common calibers and may even provide sub-standard performance compared to traditional ammunition.  In addition, businesses selling ammunition would be required to provide a handout to customers on the health effects of lead and they would even be subject to random, unannounced inspections by the Department of Health along with local law-enforcement to ensure compliance.

House Bill 1203, sponsored by Representative Beth Doglio (D-22), would create a one-size-fits all requirement of how and when lost or stolen firearms must be reported, further victimizing gun owners who suffer a loss or theft of their property.

Senate Bill 5340, sponsored by Senator Kuderer, and companion House Bill 1286, sponsored by Representative Strom Petersen (D-21), were filed at the request of the Attorney General.  They would ban possession of commonly owned semi-automatic firearms based on certain listed cosmetic features, along with specifically listed firearms and magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds.  Those who own these firearms and magazines prior to the ban would only be allowed to possess them on their own property and in other limited instances such as at licensed shooting ranges if they are transported unloaded and locked.  A violation of this firearm ban would result in a Class C Felony.

House Bill 1319, sponsored by Representative Sharon Wylie (D-49), would create an exemption in a decades old statute which would allow local governments to ban the open carrying of firearms at public meetings.

Thank you to NRA members and Second Amendment supporters for your active involvement this session.  Please continue to stay tuned for your email inbox for further updates on the anti-gun bills still pending in the legislature.

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