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California: Pro-Gun Turnout against Cupertino’s Proposed Anti-Gun Ordinance Forces Public Safety Commission to Rethink its Support

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

California: Pro-Gun Turnout against Cupertino’s Proposed Anti-Gun Ordinance Forces Public Safety Commission to Rethink its Support

As we previously reported, the Cupertino Public Safety Commission is currently considering a number of anti-gun proposals that if enacted would require: (1) the reporting of lost or stolen firearms within 48 hours; (2) the locked-storage of firearms in the home; (3) a ban on the possession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds; and, (4) recording keeping of all ammunition sales in the city. Prior to the Commission’s January 12 meeting, the NRA and CRPA submitted a joint opposition letter which can be read here.

Early reports following the Commission’s meeting on Thursday indicated that no action was taken other than to send the proposal back for further study.  But the biggest story of the night was the huge pro-gun turnout opposing the ordinance.

Nearly 40 pro-gun speakers attended the meeting to voice their opposition, and not a single person who attended was in favor.  In fact, the turnout for Thursday’s meeting was one of the largest in the Commission’s history, so much so that the Commission was forced to move the meeting to a larger room.  Even then, this still wasn’t enough for the standing room only crowd.

All those who spoke in opposition voiced intelligent, well-thought out concerns raised by the ordinance that include threats to public safety and privacy, unwarranted government intrusion, the redundant and ineffective nature of the proposal, and the infringement on Second Amendment rights. 

For now, it is not entirely clear when the Commission is expected to further discuss the proposal, if at all. The NRA and CRPA will continue to monitor the situation and will be following up with the City to learn more about who is truly behind the proposal to provide more information to our members as it becomes available. Until then, make sure you are subscribed to NRA email alerts to keep informed.

Local Ordinance Project

NRA and CRPA’s efforts in opposing ordinances such as this are made possible by the Local Ordinance Project (“LOP”), a joint-effort to actively monitor local government proposals that threaten the right to keep and bear arms.  NRA/CRPA LOP has been in place for over 20 years.  LOP’s coalition partners include local gun rights organizations, individual activists, businesses, local government officials, and law enforcement professionals.

The NRA/CRPA LOP efforts typically include the preparation of police and legal opposition letters, pre-litigation demand letters, coordination of grassroots activists, public information campaigns, and appearances at local government meetings. In many instances, these efforts have convinced local governments to vote down proposals or pull them from consideration.  LOP also serves as the foundation for NRA and CRPA litigation efforts against local jurisdictions that enact anti-gun legislation.

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