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California: Legislative Audit Committee Denies DROS Audit Request and Legislative Update

Saturday, August 13, 2016

California: Legislative Audit Committee Denies DROS Audit Request and Legislative Update

Please contact your state Senator TODAY

On Wednesday, August 10, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) met and approved every audit request but one. The JLAC committee is made up of members from both the Assembly and Senate to provide oversight on government and publicly created entities with the goal of improving government performance. The lone denial during this hearing was an audit request made by Assemblyman Brian Jones, regarding the Department of Justice (DOJ) special fund, particularly the Dealer Record of Sale account (DROS). The DROS account is a compilation of monies received by the DOJ when background checks are run on firearm purchases and transfers. The NRA thanks Assemblyman Jones for bringing forth this audit request that sought to provide transparency and sunshine on the ever fluctuating account managed by the DOJ Bureau of Firearms. Keep in mind this account is one of the largest special funds in the state and is entirely funded through user fees.  

The DROS account has been around for decades and has never been subject to an audit, despite a massive surplus of tens of millions of dollars just a few short years ago, and now its current state of structural imbalance. The DROS account is often tapped for other projects apart from the original purpose of performing background checks, which has included a $24 million  dollar loan to the Armed and Prohibited Persons System (APPS). With the recent passage of numerous anti-gun bills that will put further pressure on the system and the scathing audit report of the APPS program, now would be an obvious time to create a baseline of how much money is coming in and what exactly these funds are being used for.

If you think this good governance request would sail through you would be wrong. This action truly shows that anti-gun politicians are willing to pass numerous restrictions on law-abiding gun owners but are unwilling to provide any oversight with the Department tasked with implementation and enforcement. To see the JLAC committee vote on this item click here.

Several basic questions were asked of DOJ representatives who skated around answers using the excuse of pending litigation as cover. For example, DOJ could not answer how much it costs to perform a background check, the primary purpose of the system. Currently DOJ is charging the maximum amount allowable despite considerations to lower the fees just a few short years ago.

With this denied request, the whereabouts of the millions of dollars paid by gun owners across the state to the DOJ will remain a mystery. Further without an audit establishing a baseline of expenditures, it would seem impossible to know exactly how much additional taxpayer money may be necessary to implement the newly enacted programs that are sure to cost millions. 

Bills on the Floor 

Pro-gun Assembly Bill 2510 and anti-gun Assembly Bill 450 are waiting for third reading on the Senate floor.  Please contact your state Senator and respectfully express your SUPPORT for AB 2510 and OPPOSITION to AB 450.  Please use our take action button below.


SUPPORT - AB 2510 would allow local law enforcement authorities to issue concealed carry weapons (CCW) identification cards approved by the State of California Department of Justice (DOJ) as proof that individuals are licensed in the state. The permits can be used in lieu of the obsolete typed paper form provided by DOJ.

OPPOSE - AB 450 would delete the $100 fee limit on CCW application processing and require more fees to cover issuing and enforcement of a license. The enforcement aspect of this bill is so ambiguous that it could only be perceived as an effort to price out the ordinary citizen.

Referendum Update

A referendum effort is currently underway with petitions being distributed across the state. This grassroots effort is to refer the recently signed anti-gun legislation to the 2018 ballot. For more information on the efforts and to locate a petition in your area please visit https://www.vetogunmageddon.org/. NRA and state affiliate CRPA will make the petitions available for signature at various events across the state.

Please forward this alert to your family, friends, fellow guns owners and sportsmen.

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