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Washington: Vote Expected on Radical Anti-Gun Legislation in Committee by Tomorrow, Your Action Needed Now!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Washington: Vote Expected on Radical Anti-Gun Legislation in Committee by Tomorrow, Your Action Needed Now!

House Bill 1713 is pending a vote in the House Appropriations Committee.  Sponsored by state Representative Eileen Cody (D-34), HB 1713 contains language that overreaches its supposed objectives by potentially removing the fundamental Right to Keep and Bear Arms from individuals who should not be prohibited.  Due to unclear or wholly undefined terms in the bill, individuals who have been involuntarily committed due to a “substance use disorder” would see their Second Amendment rights revoked.  Under the bill, “substance use” or even "substance" are not legally defined and could potentially be described as anything ranging from food to tobacco or even prescription medicine.  These issues add a new prohibitor, not currently found in state or federal law; and it is based on unclear definitions and no definitive standards.

HB 1713 is 151 pages containing many undefined terms and vague sections.  The bill is reminiscent of Initiative 594 where proponents claimed that its simplicity would make Washington safer.  Currently, the state is still running into issues with I-594 hindering lawful practices by gun owners, companies and law enforcement.  Meanwhile, criminals continue undeterred.

Please contact members of the House Appropriations Committee TODAY and urge them to OPPOSE House Bill 1713 when it comes up for a vote.  Contact information for Committee members is provided below:


House Appropriations Committee:

Representative Ross Hunter (D-48), Chair
Phone: (360) 786-7936

Representative Timm Ormsby (D-3), Vice Chair
Phone: (360) 786-7946

Representative Bruce Chandler (R-15), Ranking Minority Member
Phone: (360) 786-7960

Representative Kevin Parker (R-6), Asst. Ranking Minority Member
Phone: (360) 786-7922

Representative J.T. Wilcox (R-2), Asst. Ranking Minority Member
Phone: (360) 786-7912

Representative Vincent Buys (R-42)
Phone: (360) 786-7854

Representative Reuven Carlyle (D-36)
Phone: (360) 786-7814

Representative Eileen Cody (D-34)
Phone: (360) 786-7978

Representative Cary Condotta (R-12)
Phone: (360) 786-7954

Representative Tom Dent (R-13)
Phone: (360) 786-7932

Representative Hans Dunshee (D-44)
Phone: (360) 786-7804

Representative Susan Fagan (R-9)
Phone: (360) 786-7942

Representative Larry Haler (R-8)
Phone: (360) 786-7986

Representative Drew Hansen (D-23)
Phone: (360) 786-7842

Representative Zack Hudgins (D-11)
Phone: (360) 786-7956

Representative Sam Hunt (D-22)
Phone: (360) 786-7992

Representative Graham Hunt (R-2)
Phone: (360) 786-7824

Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-27)
Phone: (360) 786-7930

Representative Ruth Kagi (D-32)
Phone: (360) 786-7910

Representative Kristine Lytton (D-40)
Phone: (360) 786-7800

Representative Drew MacEwen (R-35)
Phone: (360) 786-7902

Representative Chad Magendanz (R-5)
Phone: (360) 786-7876

Representative Eric Pettigrew (D-37)
Phone: (360) 786-7838

Representative David Sawyer (D-29)
Phone: (360) 786-7906

Representative Joe Schmick (R-9)
Phone: (360) 786-7844

Representative Tana Senn (D-41)
Phone: (360) 786-7894

Representative Larry Springer (D-45)
Phone: (360) 786-7822

Representative Drew Stokesbary (R-31)
Phone: (360) 786-7846

Representative Pat Sullivan (D-47)
Phone: (360) 786-7858

Representative David Taylor (R-15)
Phone: (360) 786-7874

Representative Steve Tharinger (D-24)
Phone: (360) 786-7904

Representative Luanne Van Werven (R-42)
Phone: (360) 786-7980

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