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Kansas: Contact Your State Legislators in Support of Pro-Gun Reforms

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Kansas House Federal and State Affairs Committee considered a pro-gun reform this week that would expand the rights of law-abiding gun owners.  Senate Bill 21, introduced by the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, would make a number of technical, but significant improvements to the state Right-to-Carry laws.  SB 21 is now awaiting a vote in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee.

SB 21 is a Right-to-Carry reform that would make a number of important changes.  The most substantial change would allow for universal recognition of non-resident carry permits.  In other words, any law-abiding visitor from out-of-state with a valid state-issued carry permit would be allowed to carry a concealed handgun in Kansas.  This change would not only benefit concealed carry permit holders in other states but it will also make it more likely that other states will recognize Kansas’ carry permit.

Also under SB 21, new Kansas residents who hold a valid concealed carry permit from their previous state of residence would be able to instantly apply for a Kansas permit instead of waiting to acquire their official Kansas resident status.  New residents would be granted a temporary “180-day receipt” to carry on their old permit while their application is considered and processed.  The state Attorney General would also be able to create a list of states which meet or exceed Kansas’ requirements and that would automatically qualify for recognition for issuance of a Kansas permit.

SB 21 is awaiting a vote in committee which could be as early as next week.  Please contact members of this committee and politely urge them to support this pro-gun reform when it comes up for a vote.

House Federal and State Affairs Committee:

Representative Arlen Siegfried - Chairman

Phone: 785 368-7166
Email :arlen.siegfreid@house.ks.gov

Representative Steve Brunk – Vice Chairman

Phone: 785 296-7645
Email: steve.brunk@house.ks.gov

Representative Louis Ruiz

Phone: 785 296-7122
Email: louis.ruiz@house.ks.gov

Representative Larry Campbell

Phone: 785 296-7632
Email: larry.campbell@house.ks.gov

Representative J.R. Claeys

Phone: 785 296-7670
Email: jrclaeys@house.ks.gov

Representative Susan Concannon

Phone: 785 296-7677
Email: susan.concannon@house.ks.gov

Representative Ken Corbet

Phone: 785 296-7679
Email: ken.corbet@house.ks.gov

Representative Travis Couture-Lovelady

Phone: 785 296-4683
Email: travis.couture-lovelady@house.ks.gov

Representative Willie Dove

Phone: 785 296-7670
Email: willie.dove@house.ks.gov

Representative John Ewy

Phone: 785 296-7105
Email: john.ewy@house.ks.gov

Representative Shanti Ghandi

Phone: 785 296-7672
Email: shanti.gandhi@house.ks.gov

Representative Broderick Henderson

Phone: 785 296-7697
Email: broderick.henderson@house.ks.gov

Representative Brett Hildabrand

Phone: 785 296-7659
Email: brett.hildabrand@house.ks.gov

Representative Michael Houser

Phone: 785 296-7679
Email: michael.houser@house.ks.gov

Representative Robert Montgomery

Phone: 785 296-7677
Email: bob.montgomery@house.ks.gov

Representative Emily Perry

Phone: 785 296-7669
Email: emily.perry@house.ks.gov

Representative Mike Peterson

Phone: 785 296-7371
Email: michael.peterson@house.ks.gov

Representative Reid Petty

Phone: 785 296-7676
Email: reid.petty@house.ks.gov

Representative Marty Read

Phone: 785 296-7310
Email: marty.read@house.ks.gov

Representative Allan Rothlisberg

Phone: 785 296-7653
Email: allan.rothlisberg@house.ks.gov

Representative Annie Tietze

Phone: 785 296-7668
Email: annie.tietze@house.ks.gov

Representative Ponka-We Victors

Phone: 785 296-7651
Email: ponka-we.victors@house.ks.gov

Representative Troy Waymaster

Phone: 785 296-7672
Email: troy.waymaster@house.ks.gov

Another bill of interest to sportsmen and hunters and Kansas was filed yesterday.  Senate Bill 223, introduced by the Senate Ways and Means Committee, would allow all hunters the opportunity to use a crossbow during big game archery season.  This bill would help increase hunter participation and preserve Kansas’ rich hunting heritage at a time when hunter numbers are rapidly declining across the country.  It has been shown that older hunters tend to remain in the hunting ranks many decades longer if they are allowed to use a crossbow, giving them more time to help recruit the next generation of hunters.  Also, youngsters who lack the physical strength to adequately draw and shoot vertical archery equipment are able to participate in the archery season at an earlier age.  At this time, SB 223 has yet to be assigned a hearing date, but please stay tuned to www.nraila.org for updates.

Kansas Right-To-Carry crossbows

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