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WDAF, Kansas City, Mo. 06/16/11

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A group of around 25 teenagers broke the windows and door of a house in Kansas City, Mo. before they were confronted by the next door neighbor and military veteran Robert MacBride and ordered to stop. Upset with MacBride’s intervention, the mob then turned on him, surrounding his house and throwing rocks. MacBride retrieved a rifle as some of the teens were attempting to enter his home. Upon seeing the rifle, the group quickly dispersed. MacBride’s neighbors were thankful for the homeowner’s actions, with an elderly woman and a passing motorist being the targets of earlier attacks from the mob. Neighbor Rick Juarez lauded MacBride’s efforts, saying, “That’s probably the only solution we have. In order to protect our property and our families. These kids don't realize the tyranny they're bringing on the community. Instead of being a good productive citizen to this country, they want to be thugs.”

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