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Maryland: Pro-Gun Advocates Speak Out Against Latest Anti-Gun Attacks!

Friday, March 12, 2010

On Thursday, March 11, Maryland’s pro-gun advocates filled both the Senate Judicial Proceedings and House Judiciary Committee rooms to protest Senate Bill 167, Senate Bill 645 and House Bill 820.

Senate Bill 167, sponsored by State Senator Mike Lennett (D-19), would create unnecessary hurdles in an attempt to dissuade people from filing for a state-regulated firearms dealer’s license.  SB 167 would allow the Secretary of State Police to disapprove the license application if it is determined that someone whose license was previously suspended or revoked is involved.  It would also duplicate recordkeeping and other requirements that have been in place at the federal level since 1968.

Senate Bill 645 and its companion bill House Bill 820, propose to convert handgun ownership from a Constitutionally-protected right into a privilege, to be granted by the State Police only at their arbitrary discretion.  For more information on these bills click here.

The sponsor of SB645, State Senator Brian Frosh (D-16) only reinforced his altered perception of gun laws by claiming that firearm purchasing permit systems are great tools and used by many states including New Jersey to regulate the purchase of firearms. He also said that, “New Jersey is better than Maryland in firearms law.” This might be the first time in history that any legislator has ever wished to emulate the Garden State, particularly in the area of firearm laws.

Delegate Joseph Vallario (D-27A), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, chided the sponsor of House Bill 820, Delegate Sandy Rosenberg (D-41) by pointing out that Maryland’s current laws, such as “one-gun-a-month”, mandatory criminal and mental health background check, duplicative State Police forms and the seven day waiting period for regulated firearms, already collects the total amount of information possible for an individual.

As stated before in our mailings and emails, if they are successful, they will soon want to require all gun purchasers to possess a permit to purchase. 

It is important for you to contact the members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and House Judiciary Committee and respectfully request they OPPOSE SB645, SB167 and HB 820.

Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee:

State Senator Brian E. Frosh (D-16), Chair
(410) 841-3124, (301) 858-3124, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3124 (toll free) brian.frosh@senate.state.md.us 

State Senator Lisa A. Gladden (D-41), Vice Chair
(410) 841-3697, (301) 858-3697, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3697 (toll free) lisa.gladden@senate.state.md.us

State Senator Alexander X. Mooney (R-3)
(410) 841-3575, (301) 858-3575, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3575 (toll free) alex.mooney@senate.state.md.us

State Senator Larry E. Haines (R-5)
(410) 841-3683, (301) 858-3683, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3683 (toll free) larry.haines@senate.state.md.us

State Senator Norman R. Stone, Jr. (D-6)
(410) 841-3587, (301) 858-3587, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3587 (toll free) norman.stone@senate.state.md.us

State Senator Jennie M. Forehand (D-17)
(410) 841-3134, (301) 858-3134, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3134 (toll free) jennie.forehand@senate.state.md.us

State Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20)
(410) 841-3634, (301) 858-3634, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3634 (toll free) jamie.raskin@senate.state.md.us

State Senator C. Anthony Muse (D-26)
(410) 841-3092, (301) 858-3092, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3092 (toll free) anthony.muse@senate.state.md.us

State Senator Bryan W. Simonaire (R-31)
(410) 841-3658, (301) 858-3658, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3658 (toll free) bryan.simonaire@senate.state.md.us

State Senator Nancy Jacobs (R-34)
(410) 841-3158, (301) 858-3158, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3158 (toll free) nancy.jacobs@senate.state.md.us

State Senator James Brochin (D-42)
(410) 841-3648, (301) 858-3648, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3648 (toll free) jim.brochin@senate.state.md.us

House Judiciary Committee:

Delegate Kevin Kelly (D-1B)
(410) 841-3404

Delegate J.B. Jennings (R-7)
(410) 841-3698

Delegate Todd Schuler (D-8)
(410) 841-3526

Delegate Kathleen Dumais (D-15)
(410) 841-3052

Delegate Susan Lee (D-16)
(410) 841-3649

Delegate Luiz Simmons (D-17)
(410) 841-3037

Delegate Jeffrey Waldstreicher (D-18)
(410) 841-3130

Delegate Benjamin Kramer (D-19)
(410) 841-3485

Delegate Benjamin Barnes (D-21)
(410) 841-3046

Delegate Gerron Levi (D-23A)
(410) 841-3101

Delegate Kriselda Valderrama (D-26)
(410) 841-3210

Delegate Don Dwyer Jr. (D-31)
(410) 841-3047

Delegate Tony McConkey (R-33A)
(410) 841-3406

Delegate Susan McComas (R-35B)
(410) 841-3272

Delegate Michael Smigiel Sr. (R-36)
(410) 841-3555

Delegate Frank Conaway Jr. (D-40)
(410) 841-3189

Delegate Jill Carter (D-41)
(410) 841-3283

Delegate William Frank (R-42)
(410) 841-3793

Delegate Curtis Anderson (D-43)
(410) 841-3291

Delegate Victor Ramirez (D-47)
(410) 841-3340

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