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California Fish and Game Commission Continues to Push its Anti-Hunting Agenda!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please Contact the Fish and Game Commission Today!

On June 24 at 10 a.m. and June 25 at 8:30a.m., the California Fish and Game Commission will consider a continued expansion of the lead ammunition ban in the so-called “Condor Zone.”  These meetings will be held at the Yolo Fliers Club, 17980 County Road 94B, in Woodland.  Please make plans to attend one or both of these meetings.  If you’re unable to attend, please contact the Committee and let them know you oppose expanding the lead ammunition ban.

Two years ago, a bill was signed into law that imposed a ban on the use of lead ammunition for hunting in areas occupied by the California condor.  Through its hunting regulations, the Commission extended the ban to include .22 rimfire ammunition and expanded the boundaries where the ban applies.  With this track record, the Commission is likely to be receptive to carrying the ban to the borders of the state. 

From the beginning, proponents of the current ban have wanted to ban lead ammunition statewide.  The California condor was simply being used by the anti-hunters and anti-gunners to carry out this agenda.  They have already achieved a partial ban.  The next step is to take it statewide.  If they are successful, they will push to ban the use of lead ammunition for everyone, not just hunters.

There is no scientific evidence that lead ammunition is the source of lead affecting the health of condors released to the wild.  There is no scientific evidence that lead ammunition is a risk to human health and the environment in California.  What is evident is that there is a group of special interests that have friends on the Commission who will not stop until the most affordable, available, and ballistically superior ammunition is banned in your state.  They know the damage that such a ban will do to both hunting and shooting participation.

Please contact the members of the Fish and Game Commission TODAY and respectfully request that they oppose all efforts to extend the ban on lead ammunition.  Spread the word to your family friends and fellow gun owners to ensure Commissioners understand that it isn’t just hunters who are against any proposed expansion.  The Commission can be contacted by phone at (916) 653-4899, by fax at (916) 653-5040, or email fgc@fgc.ca.gov.  


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