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Special Election Message From Wayne LaPierre And Chris Cox

Friday, October 31, 2008

This long campaign season is down to its final days.  Next Tuesday the American people will make their choice.  It is more important than ever that gun owners and everyone who values our liberties know the true positions of the candidates who seek their support.


The differences between Barack Obama and John McCain on the Second Amendment are enormous.


Barack Obama has such a long, openly anti-gun record that he cannot hide his true stance. All he can do is try to paper it over. “If you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it,” Obama claims on the campaign trail, although he voted in Illinois to do just that. And he goes on to admit the real obstacle: “Even if I wanted to take it away, I couldn’t get it done. I don’t have the votes in Congress.”


Obama has voted to ban hunting ammo, proposed a 500% increase in the excise tax on firearms, and even voted to ban single and double barrel shotguns. Obama has voted to allow reckless lawsuits against firearms manufacturers, and against Supreme Court Justices who supported the individual right to bear arms.


In contrast, we have John McCain and Sarah Palin. Sen. McCain has a good record overall of supporting the Second Amendment, and Gov. Palin would be a stellar new voice for gun owners in Washington. Senator McCain has voted against gun and ammunition bans, and opposes gun registration and gun owner licensing.


The record is clear. Barack Obama, with his career of supporting every gun control scheme he’s ever encountered, represents a real threat to Second Amendment rights.


The differences between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin on firearms issues are even more stark.  Joe Biden has been a leading proponent of restrictive gun laws for over 30 years.  In contrast, Sarah Palin is a gun owner, hunter, and life member of the NRA. She has a 100% pro-gun record as a mayor and as governor of Alaska.


Our mission to protect Second Amendment rights means we must ensure that no one has the chance to push the radical anti-gun schemes such as Barack Obama promoted in Illinois, or which he and Joe Biden have voted for in the U.S. Senate. And our mission is to ensure that the Congress, the governors and the state legislatures all stand against those anti-gun policies.


To do this we all must know the real positions of the candidates.  Those who truly support the Second Amendment have been endorsed by the NRA Political Victory Fund.  Go to www.NRAPVF.org for more information—and share it with your family and friends.






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